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August 01, 2011


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Jay Baer

Boom! Fantastic post and 1000% true. You need to start selling merch at your speeches. Hoodies, wrist bands, etc! When will we start selling recordings of the speech on CD at the back of the room, the way some bands do today?

David Meerman Scott

Thanks Jay! Yeah, black t-shirts here we come.


I love music also..I just wish I could have seen BoB Marley perform back in the day..gone at 27 I think..

"Black Seo Guy "Signing Off"

Arnie Kuenn

David - love your logic and thinking on this. I love music and have seen many of the bands you mentioned. Just published my first book (launched officially today) and do lots of speaking. You gave me a new perspective.

Justin Dupre

Great perspective on the music business. The same principles can apply in any business a person is into. Thanks for sharing.

David Meerman Scott

Arnie - I've found these ideas to be very helpful. I hope you do too.

Justin - Absolutely, the ideas work for any business!

Chase Sherman

Nice analogy, David.

Anne Sorensen

Hi David! Thanks so much as always for this post and the inspiration! The reminders were very timely and much appreciated. Thank you!

I love the concept and analogies. For me, 'work your butt off' really resonated ... and seeing you in action when you were Downunder - with the number of gigs - was proof of that.

I'm off now to retrieve Marketing Lessons from the GD for a re-read! :) I think the 436 music listings in your database could make for a great book sometime .. look forward to tomorrow's post. Thanks again.

PS Love the pics too! :) What was the date of the Stones?

Nick Morgan

Hi, David --

Thanks for the smart perspective on the speaking biz by way of the music biz -- anyone who is starting out in speaking and hoping to become a headliner should take note. David is a pro, and this is a pro's hard-won knowledge. Thanks for sharing.

eBridge advertising

well music is a business that helped in Perseverance,Motivation,Creative outlet
,Interact with fans etc...thanks

David Meerman Scott

Thanks Nick, Anne, and Chase!!

Anne - Stones pic was taken August 23, 2005 at Fenway Park in Boston.

Jay Palter

I did the part about needing the creative outlet. Social media frees the inner creative. You don't need to be an "artist" to be able to express your creative self. Love it!

Ron Carter

I worked in the music business for several reputable companies, Warner Bros Records in the Mo Ostin Era comes to mind, and your comments David are on point with the way the business worked. I also discerned that as the music business changed because of the internet your Real Time model has a similiar effect.

Thanks for sharing your insightful thought.


Mat Orefice

David: Remember me? I was at the Ramones show, too. I tell people about that now and they don't believe me!

David Meerman Scott

Mat -- It was an awesome show. I wish I had taken some photos!!

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