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August 05, 2011


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Rolando Peralta

David, this was a fantastic article. I think truly musicians are engaging even more with fans. Foo Fighters Garage Tour was an amazing example of how being iconoclast can make a difference in engaging and getting great buzz around a brand, too.
thank you for pointing this topic.


Working in the area of music sponsorships for many years, it was clear that brands see the value of making deep emotional connections with consumers through live music experiences. With the advent of wireless interactive technology and social media, this experiential brand environment now has the ability to easily convert those music fans to active participants in an ongoing conversation over time and true brand advocates.

Music lives in the heart and let's face it purchase decisions aren't always made with our gray matter.

Guy Borgford

David Meerman Scott

Rolando and Guy -- thanks so much for jumping in and I'm so glad that you guys are seeing the same opportunities that I am -- both for brands and for bands. And of course all of this social sharing makes the fan experience far better than in the old days when I started to go to shows.

Chase Sherman

This post drives home a point you alluded to in your last post... The concept of taking on real-time opportunities to ride trends seems to be a great way to generate new visits to your site.

Although in your case you had leveraged the network of Grateful Dead percussionist Mickey Hart, I think the same concept applies.

Companies honing their online marketing and content creation efforts around real-time opportunities that pop up in the news can create great exposure for their brands.

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