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January 17, 2014


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Tony Faustino

David, what I find so compelling about your Quark Expedition posts is how they provided you and all their guests with what sounds like an incredible "once-in-a-lifetime experience." And, having delighted customers share their personalized experiences with other potential customers through the beautiful photographic journal is marketing genius. When you transform your guests into enthusiastic "brand ambassadors" and arm them with the photographic journal, what other salesforce do you need?

If the old-school, traditional marketers still need a way to quantify inbound marketing ROI, you've provided the test case right here. When you compare what it would cost to have a "fully burdened" Quark Expedition salesforce with benefits, salary, etc. versus the cost of creating the photographic journal and some estimates on the costs to conduct the nightly lectures with the professional photographers, there's no question the inbound investment metrics in cost per lead and customer acquisition costs are dramatically lower.

I'm willing to bet Quark makes the photographic journal "free" because they've already figured out that if they acquire a specific number of repeat travelers or they acquire a specific number of new travelers that the associated costs in producing the photographic journal are covered several times over.

Thank you for publishing this series on Quark Expeditions. I loved it. Plus, "The Meerman Scott Polar Plunge" Pic is priceless ;-)


Another interesting story and fabulous examples of what good marketing should look like!

I also suppose this was a nice marketing trick. That's how Quark earns people's trust. And, thanks to David's post, we can see that not only Quark's content marketing campaign is outstanding but it's direct marketing as well.

Great thanks for a valuable cycle!

David Meerman Scott

Tony and Serge - You are absolutely right that Quark Expeditions understand how people buy in today's world.

I went on an expedition with National Geographic / Lindblad last year to the Galapagos. Sure, it was amazing. But they charged US $50 for a video of the expedition. And then, since we've gotten home, we've gotten a lot of outbound glossy brochures in the mail. It is striking how different the marketing of the two expedition outfitters are.

I'm sure the CEO of Quark Expeditions, Hans Lagerweij (who is very active on social) would appreciate a shoutout if you are so inclined. @hanslagerweij

James Murphy

Hi David, I love the photos of this wonderful exploration I have seen, I would love a section of each continent especially South America


Hi David,

This is a helpful article for me, I really appreciate you efforts :)

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