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January 09, 2014


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Lewis LaLanne

Very Cool Story David!

I love how you wove in the marketing lesson with the tale of your Antarctica adventure.

The valuable reminder I get from this piece is that if your customer isn't getting what they bought from you IMMEDIATELY, then you need to stay in touch with them. Especially if you're selling something like a ticket to a seminar that isn't just pure fun like your vacation was.

When you're selling information/learning experiences that aren't going to be absorbed immediately because they haven't happened yet, you want to reach out and . . .

***Congratulate Them

You tell people they’re smart and give them whatever other compliment goes with having bought from you.

***You Make Promises Of What Awesomeness They Should Experience With You

***You Show Proof That What They’re Getting Is The Real Deal

***You Prevent Them For Contemplating Quitting On Themselves Before They Even Start And Asking For a Refund

You can do this by telling success stories – preferably stories of people being scared to start but doing so anyways and being positively blown away by what happened when they did.

***You Look At Selling Them Something Else That Would Enhance Their Experience

The best time to make a second sale is when someone is excited about making the decision to buy something from you already.

I trust that if anyone followed Quark's example along with this advice here, they'd be well on their way to gaining raving fans in their information marketing business like Quark has with you David.

Thank You again for reminding me of such an important lesson! :)

David Meerman Scott

Hi Lewis, There is all of the things you say for the middle part of the buying experience, but before that I was reviewing many of the competitors and Quark had the best content which is why I settled on them. Then over several months of consideration, that's who I went with.

Michael Kaye

Thanks for this one, David. It is heartening to hear about travel companies doing things right. One thing that you did not mention is tips about what to do before leaving home. The most magical vacation can ruined if you come home to find that your house is flooded because you didn't turn off the water supply to your washing machine. Here’s a link to our list of tips:http://costaricaexpeditions.com/resourcelibrary/27-things-to-do-before-leaving-home.php?mnu=5

David Meerman Scott

Hi Michael, Great list of tips! I'll definitely save that for the next time.


Nice post, David! Yes, this is exactly how it's supposed to work. I'll be sharing your story with my clients to help them understand why content marketing is worth the effort!


Well, this is the example what smart content marketing should look like. As you described, they were always one step ahead. So should all companies be in providing educating and informative content for their audience.
I enjoyed the story!

Sara MacQueen

David I love this! What a great example of the modern buyers' journey. Your post also makes we want to go to Antarctica and kayak alongside glaciers!

David Meerman Scott

Sara, you should go. It is a life changing experience!

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