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March 13, 2013


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Nick Morgan

Hey, David --

Great post, and the serious point behind the fun here is that two things are happening (like they were back then): 1. Creativity is exploding once again, because boundaries are being broken and rules ignored. 2. The gatekeepers and rule-keepers have lost control and democracy is ascendant. I'm not sure why it happened back then, but it's obviously technology and the Internet now. I'm also not sure where the cause and effect is here and now, but long may it continue anyway!

Daniel Katz

David, glad you're having fun!

Do you think there is an advantage of having the experience of marketing/advertising in the "good old days" in our new connection economy, or do you feel that people who are marketing today with a fresh perspective have the advantage?

David Meerman Scott

Nick - Thanks for jumping in. I agree on the the cause & effect but who cares because it is a fun ride to be on!

Daniel - I think it can go either way. However, people from "the good old days" who refuse to adapt are at a definite disadvantage. It's not about TV ads anymore.


David, boy did this resonate with me! I started out in the 80's on Madison Avenue working at JWT (what you would describe as a "fancy"agency) working on consumer package goods. It WAS fun! Sure enough, in the intervening years the work became less so. But now, I haven't been this excited about our line of work since I first started out in the biz. Your post took me down memory lane, put a smile on my face and a spring in my step. Thank you. Now if you'll excuse me I have some newsjacking to do!

David Meerman Scott

Artillery - Aweseomeness! So glad that you also see the parallels. Keep having fun!

Joe Beaulaurier

Hi David, I've been looking forward to reading this since seeing it show up in my newsfeed yesterday.

Was it you who recently made reference to how marketers today are doing hundreds of little things as opposed to a few big projects as used to be done? Reading this reminded me of that and brought to mind another consideration. As marketers, we're not putting all our clients' eggs in a few big baskets any more. We're doing so many different things, any of which can strike a vein, hit a home run or whatever metaphor you want to use. This certainly helps takes the edge off and keeps things interesting and fun.

David Meerman Scott

Hi Joe, Yes, that was my post too. Thanks for the reminder that doing so many different things is fun. You nicely tied two of my posts together!

Crave Win Marketing

Good read! I just stumbled on this article and I couldn't agree with you more. Although at times I wish there were more focus on single clients instead of trying to feed the mass. That's where it would be real fun to be like Mad Men.



What a great way to end a week full of work. Thanks for such an optimistic and upbeat reminder that this is a wonderful time to be in marketing. For me, it's all B2B marketing and although the budgets are limited, there's no reason for our imaginations to be.

Have a great weekend!

David Meerman Scott

Billy & "Crave" - Thanks!! I just re-read the post and got energized myself again. We are so fortunate to be living in these times.


I'm just starting out helping a company with B2B and I must admit business to consumer looks like much more fun.

David Meerman Scott

Claire, B2B can be exciting. For one thing, there is a lot less competition who are doing good marketing so it is easier to stand out.


Yes that is a good point David. Nobody is doing anything exciting in the marketing of our product type. The key is to be exciting without going completely over the top. That is the hard part! :-)

Jackie Henderson

Very inspiring and informative article. I got huge of idea from your article. I seek your permission to share this article with my friends.

David Meerman Scott

Jackie - yes, of course.

Catie Ragusa

It's good to see that marketers are excited about their jobs! I too love the creativity and the cleverness that comes from social media marketing right now.

You mentioned that in 10 years we'll look back on this time right now with nostalgia--What do you imagine marketing will look like then?

Thanks for the uplifting post :)

Jason Miller

It is indeed a great time to be a marketer. I think the combination of social, real time feedback, and the focus on creating an experience for prospects and customers is allowing us to have more fun with our messaging and campaigns. I consider myself to be very lucky in that I get to market to marketers,and with the lines continuing to blur between what works for B2C and B2B, it's only getting better. I fear that some folks forget that B2B marketers like to have fun as well by allowing their personality to shine through in a much needed humanizing fashion.

David Meerman Scott

Catie - We're going through a communications revolution that empowers everyone in the world. I'm looking forward to having global communications be available to all 7 billion people in the world and hope it is a catalyst for peace. Now we are at the start of that.

Jason - I agree. I too market to marketers and see that fantastic blur. While I've always enjoyed my jobs, now it is truly exciting!


Social media and its ability to put customers in touch with marketers directly has made B2B marketing a more dynamic profession.

David Johnson

Thanks for this article. Its good to see this in such a positive light. SEO, however is another story.

David Meerman Scott

David - It is an awesome time to be doing SEO if it includes a content creation strategy. But just fiddling under the hood isn't so exciting.

Sheetal Sharma

I completely agree with the blogger here, marketing has come a long way since 1980's and its much more exciting and fun than it was ever before.With the advent of social media and its deep integration in all functions has resulted into an outburst of new opportunities and tools for making marketing all the more interactive and special, i am happy to be part of this exciting career at Synechron.


Great post! Coming from the sales side of the house, I am ecstatic that thoughtful targeting has replaced traditional door-to-door techniques. It's much better to feel like you're providing value to your prospects rather than annoying most of them. The merging of sales and marketing is providing more opportunities for businesses (making it more fun in the process) and an enhanced experience for prospects. Now that's something even a VP of Sales can enjoy! http://estevanmccalley.com

David Meerman Scott

Estevan - you're right about sales & marketing merging opening up opportunities. Thanks for pointing that out.


Thank you for this interesting post. I am new to marketing and it has been nothing but fun since I have started. It is nice to hear the perspective of someone who has been doing it for a while. I never would have thought of this. I guess you could say that I has been taking for granted the ability to connect with our audience. All of the social media craze is awesome to be involved in with this business.

David Meerman Scott

Shawn - you are lucky to be starting in marketing now. When I started in the late 1980s it was kind of the dark ages and not so much fun compared to today!

Stephen Barr

Great piece, David. I totally agree that the work is as fun as it has ever been but I still feel like "the bottom line" overpowers the environment and chokes out the outward emotion and energy that makes the place exciting and fun. Or, maybe that is subjective. Either way, I am currently looking for resources, advice and direction on how to have a positive influence on the fun atmosphere of my workplace. If you have any suggestions, I would love your input.

David Meerman Scott

Stephen, I think you're right in most companies that the obsessive measurement of quarterly numbers makes it difficult to focus on much else.

I'm on the HubSpot advisory board. Take a look at CEO Brian Halligan's TEDx talk on how he builds a corporate culture.


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