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May 30, 2012


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Keith Spiro

Amanda called Lexington Green the birthplace of American Freedom; it was the site on April 19, 1775 where Captain Parker said "if they want a war, let it begin here." (Great Republic edited by Hubert Bancroft)and the next day, a shot heard round the world, was fired.

How fitting to watch Amanda Palmer start the war, fire the shot and change music publishing history with her citizen army (of fans). We are proudly a backer, an early one, of the some 21,000 and growing army. Congrats Amanda and thank you David for sharing this video and milestone. Real Time rules.

David Meerman Scott

Keith - Well said! Amanda is indeed leading the charge!


I remember reading about it a month ago!

Great that she reached her goal and once again proved that we can take many avenues to reach our goals.

Tatyana Gann

That is fantastic...Congratulations. Determination and serving customers/fans is the key...Way to go!


Bookkeepers Sunshine Coast

Your article title strikes my eyes and makes me wonder what Kickstarter is. Seriously, I’m amazed how Amanda gets that significant amount of money. As I read through the article, her story of success is one that should be our guide.

treatment for gout

Amanda's story is really an inspiring story that mixes up with some jealousy. Of course, everyone wishes to strike that big amount as well as her. Anyway, keep it going Amanda!

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