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March 12, 2013


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Dave Whelton

That's a great hook! I remember pitching an incredibly sad short film to a blog on the "most depressing day of the year"! These days I find if you keep a close eye on your twitter feed and tools like Spike (http://spike.newswhip.com) you can inject your message into the discussion so long as you're quick off the mark!

David Meerman Scott

Dave, Thanks for these tips on ways to find stories.

I find opportunities pop up all the time. My favorite tool is Google News with all the personalization turned off. https://news.google.com

Magento Consultant

You have to be genuine and relevant to truly ride the wave. It felt like lots of brands were just jumping on the brandwagon without them adding any value to the conversation. It turned into Twitter spam. Adam Kmiec's comment is spot on. We've been tracking the real-time and 'Newsjacking' trend for the last few years.

Angela Booth

What an inspiring story. I've been meaning to read your Newsjacking book, David. It's moved to the top of my To Be Read pile. (I'm a fan of your "New Rules" book. :-)

David Meerman Scott

Thank you Angela. I hope you enjoy it.

Lewis LaLanne

You've gotta love it when someone takes what you taught them and they run with it! I know I do. :)

It's been too long since I've paid attention to harnessing the news. Learned from some masters like Hartunian and Dr. Jeffrey Lant.

Email Autoresponders is the perfect place for me to use this Newsjacking strategy but I don't.

Ben Settle is very good at riding the news in his daily email autoresponders. I highly recommend people check him out for an example of how to do so!

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