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May 02, 2012


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Myles Bristowe

Inspiring story and terrific advice for becoming a rock star. Although, I'm not sure I agree with Amanda that a musician is a "fraud" if they don't meet fans in real life. My wife is a recording artist, her fans love her work, she loves what she does, and seldom performs in front of a live audience. Just saying...

David Meerman Scott

I hear you Myles. There is more than one path to success and many more musical genres than indie rock.

Scott Salwolke

Amanda certainly knows how to put social media to use. Between this and the stories you related about her in your book, The New Rules of Marketing & PR, there is a lot that can be learned from her not just for musicians, but probably artists as well. And I'm sure she's generated quite a few fans because of your stories. I know I now enjoy her music because of them.

David Meerman Scott

Thanks Scott. Yes, it is interesting how one becomes interested in music. I too became an Amanda fan because I first became fascinated with her marketing techniques.

Keith Jennings

I saw Seth's recent post on The Domino Project blog about Amanda and I immediately thought, "David's been on this story since 2009!"

Like you, I like looking at others outside my "world" as models to emulate. Amanda certainly goes to the edge of one pole: to engage, to be present, to touch. And La Roux's Elly Jackson goes to the other pole: stay mysterious, stay untouchable.

Both can work, as long as it's tied to a sound strategy. And as long as it's true to the artist's values and persona.

But I would say, when in doubt, opt toward being engaging and accessible. Especially for businesses.

What do you think, David?

David Meerman Scott

Keith! Thanks for stopping by. I thought of you yesterday because I keynoted the Healthcare Marketing Strategies conference in Orlando. I told the story of how you had a stock photo on the homepage and how it was swapped out in a half hour after I did my riff on stock photos.

I do agree that engagement, in any business, should be the default. I know that many artists do not engage live (such as Myles wife in above comment) and many companies (Apple comes to mind) do not engage online. But I do think engagement is essential. Interesting that although Apple is not active online, anyone can walk into a story and chat with a "genius" which is cool and certainly a form of engagement.

Thanks, David


i couldn't name one song of hers. but the story is worthwhile enough. thus, i am a fan. the power of media indeed...

Raúl Colón

That $300 package sounds interesting. I hope you enjoy. I had heard about Amanda Palmer a few weeks ago.

Great story I can see similarities with other people who have doubts on how building a community online can support you long term.

Pam McNamara

Re: Healthcare Marketing Strategies conference in Orlando -- will they follow your content strategy direction and post your address online for those of us unable to attend?

Keith at KendallPress

David, your words are singing in my ears right now. "Your product comes first and must be created with passion. You’ve got to engage with your customers on a human level."

And you are so right about learning from Amanda. I first heard of her from my son who told me - "dad, you're in trouble" - you're the speaker following Amanda Palmer at the #140 conference.

Jeff Pulver invited me because he was curious about why I wanted to speak and how a print shop guy could invoke Marshall Mcluhan and Sesame street in the same breath while talking about real time engagement.
This was in 2010; I was newly armed with your "new rules" and suddenly I had a problem.

The conclusion of my presentation can be seen here with Amanda Palmer and Jeff Pulver, my new found friends, helping me out.

I have been on her distribution list ever since. I learned from her then and I continue today to learn from her as I cheer her on. She is a musician, business person, entrepreneur, innovator. The embodiment of real time in everything she touches and creates, she leads with unending passion. All the ingredients you mentioned!
So, yes, we are all the media - just waiting to be engaged.

David Meerman Scott

Pam - it was not captured on video I'm afraid. But here is a link to a recent keynote at NAMM where I talked about the same ideas but in this case for the music business

Keith at Kendall - Wow, very cool that you connected with Amanda in that way!

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