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April 07, 2010


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Ted Page

David, Amanda is awesome. I met her recently at one of my readings. Good for her. She need the freedom, and she deserves it.


Dan Schawbel

David, this is very timely for me. I just had an event called Music Branding 2.0 in Cambridge, MA, with people from the music industry (hip hop producer, licensing expert, promoter, etc). It gave me a reason to follow-up with the attendees ;). The main gist that I got was that labels (just like publishers) still have a lot of power, but it's fading fast with new technologies.


Smart woman...great letter she wrote. never burn your bridges. She thanked the right people...I am glad the struggle is over for her in that respect. It continues to amaze me the power of organic growth when it is channeled in the right direction. Good for her! Nice article.

David Meerman Scott

Debralee, Dan, Ted. Thanks for jumping in.

I've been following Amanda for a few years know and she is on the forefront of how to embrace digital in the music world.

Ralph Leon

This really shows the power of social media and I am glad to see an artist like Amanda embrace it in this manner. Essentially record labels are just giant promoters. In a way it reminds me sort of how Lady Ga Ga users her social platforms to release music to her fans even before our label. Thanks for sharing her story and keep the music alive!

David Gordon Schmidt

I love following the quickly evolving music industry. There will be fewer record-company-ordained artists getting over-promoted and rich, and 1000s more hard-working self-promoted artists making a living (or partial living) by working the on-line channels themselves. As pointed out in a comment on Amanda's blog, it really is going back to the minstrel days of yesteryear. Then, it was geographically local...now it is "local" in a new way.

Ultimately, the market itself decides the best music.

David Meerman Scott

Ralph & David - you're both right. David, I especially like your comment that the market decides. No longer does some A&R guy at a label dictate who gets heard.

steve garfield

Hopefully you saw this:

Best Twitter story today! "My stranded-in-iceland adventure," http://bit.ly/blog041510b /via @amandapalmer


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