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May 02, 2011


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Mark MyWord

What about the obvious problems of FBCD (FaceBook Compulsive Disorder). Sometimes these media toys create a competition between doing ones work, which is what they are being paid to do, OR chatting?

Frank Tocco

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Great post David,

How about a post on how to overcome these objections?

Or if you have already penned something simliar, I would be interested to read.



PS "New Rules of PR and Marketing" is a bible and good ammunition against the above objections!

David Meerman Scott

Scott -- thanks. Well, I think my entire body of work - 7 books and nearly 1,000 blog posts talk about how to overcome the nonsense of old thinking.

Simon Espley

Well written David, your best yet. Lots of laughter this side - as I recognize so many of those classic responses from the larger companies I have dealt with!

Ted Page


I think maybe you don't like golf. For a lot of CEOs it's the original social media.


David Meerman Scott

Thanks Simon.

Ted - Indeed, Golf is the original social media. I hadn't thought of that...

Jeanne Brown

I think this is precisely why marketers need to keep showing the data and proving the value of marketing efforts. They need to become the trusted advisors to leaders, and hit them with numbers, facts, and results.

Tara Parks

This post is painfully true, David!

To the viral video bullets, I'd add: "Executives want you to make a video that is hilarious to your target audience, AND hilarious to every member of the stuffy exec team, AND has no chance of offending any clients, AND doesn't poke any fun at the company or have the potential to embarrass us...and they want you to do this with no budget and very little time. GOOD LUCK!"

David Meerman Scott

Jeanne -- so true. It is an opportunity.

Tara - YES - and what's the chance that it is funny after that?!

Kelly Monaghan

Terrific series!

I smell another ebook.

Ron Carter

Your series of recent blog posts have been informative. Well thoughout and candid.

Keep up the insightful writing.


David Meerman Scott

Thanks Kelly and Dan!

Web Design Jacksonville FL

Well crafted David, your best yet. Plenty of fun this side - as I identify so many of those traditional reactions from the bigger organizations I have worked with!

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