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April 02, 2014


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Hi David

Excellent post on public specking. I was personally following some of these steps in my presentations but the way you have elaborated it will now become a memorized guidelines for me. Thanks for this post

nick morgan

Hey, David -- excellent original and follow up tips -- especially that first one:-) Thanks for the mention. I would only add that a key reason for your success, though you can't say it, is that you have become a master of the craft because of your passion for it, and total geeky immersion into all aspects of excellence in it. To stand out in some craft, you have to put the time in, and put the smarts in -- it takes both.

David Meerman Scott

Thank you Michael - Glad to hear that you are already doing some of these and that you might have some new things to work on too!

Thank you Nick. I totally love what I am doing. It is a gift to have a stage and an audience and I want to do the best that I can.

Richard I. Garber


An excellent post!

Regarding your #13, even when you check out the equipment the day before you may still be surprised. Back in 2008 I spoke in one half of the ballroom at the Sun Valley Inn. The previous day everything had worked fine - because the other half was not being used. When I got up to speak, the sound from the speaker in the other half took over. They had not split the sound system. So, ask the A/V person what’s going on next door too.


Keith Jennings

Terrific follow-up piece, David! Nick Morgan's book, "Working the Room," is my public speaking Bible.

The thing I've been deliberately practicing is 1) voice and breath control and 2) eye contact.

David Meerman Scott

Richard - Ah, a fine cock up indeed! Thanks for sharing.

Keith - voice and breath control is one of mine too. I take some deep breaths prior to going on and if my voice ever rises too much, I know I need to pause and take another deep breath.

Gayle Williams

I'd like to add a plug for participation in a local Toastmasters group for anyone interested in polishing their speaking skills. It's hard to land the big keynotes without lots of smaller successful "wins" and learning opportunities.
The Toastmasters curriculum digs into speech organization, vocal variety, body language and many other aspects necessary for a success speech and speaking experience.

Hubspot has its own in-house Toastmasters group and you can see and hear the difference in their Academy trainers.

David Meerman Scott

Gayle, I totally agree. Twenty-five years ago, I got my start in the speaking craft at the "Tokyo Breakfast Toastmasters" - I was a co-founder. I went to every meeting for 5 years (when I wasn't traveling) and it was great to get the fundamentals down.

Susan Johnson McCabe

David,, Thanks for sharing these clear, actionable tips and recommendations. i strongly believe there's always room to improve!

Ironically I think one of my better presentation moments was in Kuala Lumpur years ago when everything seemed to go wrong... My flight connection were delayed making it a 41 hour trip from US . I arrived shortly before conference began- with no time to test equipment beforehand. Just 5 minutes into my 30 minute presentation, the AV malfunctioned then the lights went out in a packed ballroom. With lights powered by generators I had to improvise without a computer/presentation to tell the story.Thankfully the audience hung in there with me and I was able to finish. I credit passion for my topic and preparation getting me through it.

David Meerman Scott

Susan - I've had a few of those sorts of experiences. I think the audience gets behind you if you do your best to make the most of a bad situation.

Dale Rhoads

one of the most helpful articles I've read in a long time. Thank you.


Mastering public speaking is a pretty hard task to accomplish. Thanks for these tips. They seem to be extremely helpful.


Very informative blog....The tips are really very helpful for me and i am going to follow these tips.....Awesome great job done by you.....Awaiting for your next blog....

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