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February 27, 2014


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Whitney Hoffman

Hi David!

I'm also an explorer and agree 100%. The lack of ability to hook glass up easily to any public wifi and get data is a real downside at the moment, as is the crappy battery life. But there is tons of potential- have you seen the new Refresh app that will give you all sorts of relevant information, culled from the web and your google accounts, of the person you are about to have a meeting with, including their latest updates and posts? It's kind of the holy grail for connecting at conferences if it pairs with facial recognition, but kind of creepy at the same time!

Thank you for your post and insight! I loved your recent interview on Mitch Joel's show and whenever you are on Marketing Over Coffee!

David Meerman Scott

Hi Whitney! I see real promise with Glass to help with my speaking gigs. I haven't seen the Refresh app but will check it out. Thanks for that.


Hi David, great points. For presentations I would like a variation of what you're looking for. While displaying the slide to the audience, I'd like to see my notes in glass. Just 3-4 words that let me follow the right thread through the talk, which then in turn means the slides can all have no words at all - my ideal.

I'm sure once you've solved your problem, mine is not far behind!

David Meerman Scott

Gerard - Absolutely! That would be a modification of what I'm looking for. I would think that a clever app developer should get cracking on this right away!


David - Interesting post. As a teacher/speaker myself you have some good ideas. I just can't get past the look of the device and it's even worse when you're talking to someone who is wearing them. We live in a world of distraction as it is. Now we have to wonder if the person we're talking with (or being taught/lectured by) is even paying attention to us or are they scrolling through their Twitter feed or watching highlights on ESPN.com instead?

I won't put myself in that box with the people that said "I'll never use a mobile phone" and your clock/watch analogy is a good one. I'm just going to sit over here in the early majority section of the Rogers Adoption Curve and see how the device progresses.

David Meerman Scott

Sean, I think we'll quickly get over that issue. However, it is always a little rude to speak with earbuds in and that goes back to the 1980s walkman. So we'll never completely get over the idea that human interaction is two people.

Ethan Kanke

David - I was at the KC IABC conference. I remember you asking for people's thoughts on if it was distracting. I didn't get the chance to talk with you about it, but as someone who has been loosely following google glass since it was announced it was a bit distracting for. But only for a few minutes. I missed some of the Q&A because I was looking up stuff about google glass, tweeting about seeing someone using it, and so on. I think for me it would have been less distracting if you had started with it. It would have gotten the novelty out of the way early. That being said, the issues that made it distracting for me shouldn't really be a problem once it becomes more common place.

David Meerman Scott

Ethan - thanks for the feedback on how I used Glass at the talk.

erika fulk

I believe it will be called a FaceDial... which is even weirder.

David Meerman Scott

A fine suggestion Erika!

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