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February 03, 2014


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John Beveridge

David - love your stuff. I wonder how many minds Hilary changed with her tweet. I'm guessing that most of the retweets and favorites were from people that already were in her camp. As someone who thinks that 99% of politicians from both sides are dangerous narcissists, I found her use of Fox News as a scapegoat offensive. It's a cheap way to minimize legitimate criticism of her performance and decisions.

Joshua Scott Harris

David, awesome articles all the time. Have you considered adding a Linked In share button. A lot of your articles are the type that I would want to share with my Linked In connections over my Facebook friends. Not that I don't already just copy the URL. ;)

David Meerman Scott

John, I think that you are right that a tweet like that won't change minds. My goal in talking it up was not political. I would have done exactly the same had it been another politician. What I do think it shows is a sense of humor and a willingness to act quickly.

Joshua, My blog software (TypePad) does not have a way to add a LinkedIn button. I wish it did.


Very interesting article about newsjacking.I found it very useful.


Hey David...I've just recently discovered your work and really enjoyed this post on news jacking. It's not something that I'd thought of doing before. As I'm sure others would like to hear of this, I've shared this post with my followers.

Stepehn Anderson

Be in the right place, at the right time, with the right message, in the right medium. It takes a lot of experience to do this well consistently, but when you get it, and can roll with the media channel of the day, you are going to create a spotlight shining on your message.

David Meerman Scott

Queen's and Trent - Thanks. Glad it is helpful.

Stephen - I agree that experience helps. But what is so cool about newsjacking is that it is totally unpredictable. You never know where a story will come from or when (a story breaking midnight on Saturday out of Europe for example). Therefore I think it is impossible to do it "consistently".


Hello David -- I just listened to your podcast taped in July and absolutely loved it. Newsjacking is the wave of now and the future. Keep up the great work. I will be reading your marketing books in my classes shortly


Awesome Oreo example. Now that's good marketing - when you do "nothing" and still generate attention and engage.

P.S. Good to hear "newsjackng" is becoming more and more popular in search engines.

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