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February 04, 2013


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I also loved the Charmin tweets about the blackout. They've done well with the #tweetsfromtheseat effort. The power outage and Twitter was much more entertaining than the rest of the hoopla. Except for maybe the Paul Harvey voiceover for Dodge Trucks. Cheers!

David Meerman Scott

I agree Dan. The TV ads were so-so. It wasn't until the #blackout that things got interesting for me.

Chris Syme

I thought what Tide did during the blackout was creative as well. But, from the timeline it's hard to say if they were copying Oreo or doing their own thing.

Larry Waight (@larrywaight)

It was amazing to see companies like Oreo, Audi and Walgreens newsjack the super bowl blockout bowl. Like David says, newsjacking is a mindset and having that kind of mindset is a competitive advantage in today's world.


My blog post on "So God Made A Farmer" was written an hour after the game, and then sent to Chrysler. They immediately posted it on their feed and then followed me! It went viral to say the least/.

David Meerman Scott

Edwin - congrats!

Len Herstein, CEO, ManageCamp Inc.

This is great stuff - glad to see more success stories. Really interesting to get behind the scenes though and realize that many of these brands have created an infrastructure that allows them to 'plan' for these opportunities so that they can strike while the iron's hot (or the lights are out). Can't wait to hear more at Brand ManageCamp!


This is what I love about social media in our modern day society. Advertising companies devote so much money and time to create and distribute advertising campaigns. Yet, Oreo and the Super Bowl prove that a simple hashtag can generate even more money and followers than a fancy commercial. I guess what social media experts can take away from the #BlackOutBowl is that you always have to be ready for any kind of plot twist during national events. You never know what can help get your brand some easy and cheap attention!

I subscribed to your blog after learning about it in Social Media Theory & Practice course I am taking with @dr4ward at Syracuse University's @NewhouseSU. Our class hashtag is #NewhouseSM4. Feel free to contribute and follow along!

David Meerman Scott

Hi Len -- YES!! I'm excited to relate exactly how brands can do this during my talk at Brand Manage Camp!

Jillian - It's amazing what you can achieve by developing a real-time mindset. But most marketers and PR people are still in campaign mode. Thanks for subscribing and say "hey" to your classmates and @dr4ward

Lynn Goya

Just listened to your webinar. Really interesting. One thing that was not noted in the above comments was that Oreo has already built a brand on "dunking." That's what made that one tweet so powerful (and fun).

Lynn Goya

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