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July 25, 2013


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Real-time communication always makes a difference, but especially when it's crunch time. Excellent post, David -- really communicates the impact and value of fast, online, public engagement in a crisis.

Tom Borgman

Just more proof that honest, real-time and transparent information diffuses the napalm in human dialogue normally devoid of that input. Thanks David. You are one heckuva connector!

Krishna De

David - thank you for sharing this case study - I had not followed it closely so it is interesting to read the steps that Boeing took

David Meerman Scott

Yes, it is an interesting example. I'm so glad the communicators at @Boeing shared their story with me.


Then there was the fire on board the Ethiopian Airlines 787 earlier this month, which entirely shutdown London Heathrow airport for a while. Reports are indicating that this is not the same problem, but I, many new organizations, and others initially wondered if it was connected to the problems earlier this year. Now Boeing will have to redouble their communications efforts.

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