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January 25, 2013


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Like you said, it's awesome, and the feedbacks are really greats. There is an interview of Philippe about is jobseek here : http://www.cv-originaux.fr , it's very interesting to know the full project.

Remco Janssen

This guy suits one of my clients perfectly. I'll go tell my CEO to hire him right now, before it's too late!

David Meerman Scott

Thanks Alain - I only found the interview in French which unfortunately like most Americans I don't read.

That's the spirit Remco!

Remco Janssen

Helas, no job openings. But we keep an eye on this guy. For sure ;-)

Larry Waight

Interesting article. Shows you that the conventional resume is dead.


Very inspirational example!

A definitive way to create a creative resume is to make it visual. There are tools to do that (e.g. Vizualize.me), but in order to create a really unique resume, it's better to create one yourself using the visual storytelling strengths of (online) presentation software like Slideshare and Prezi.

I've created an example on slideshare which has created much more interest than my traditional resume: http://www.slideshare.net/dannydebi/visual-resume-market-research-danny-debi

Based on my visual resume I wrote an article how others can do that as well by offering a step-by-step guide. The original article is in Dutch, but with the help of Google translate it's also understandable for non-Dutch speakers :) http://translate.google.nl/translate?sl=nl&tl=en&js=n&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&eotf=1&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.frankwatching.com%2Farchive%2F2013%2F01%2F18%2Fmaak-in-6-stappen-een-visueel-cv-met-powerpoint-en-slideshare%2F

David Meerman Scott

Larry - not dead. But just like print advertising, not as effective.

Dannydebi - thanks for the suggestions.


That's just brilliant, David! I don't blame you for gushing. Obviously, a very creative guy. I just love how he's done the quotes and reviews.

Tyson Goodridge

Hi David- long time no see. Great article- very clever- sharing this around the office- awesome.


..incredible - but what's next? Putting yourself on an online-auction - something like "HR-eBay" - you can define some fix-price (monthly of course), your shipping cost (changing house)... and you'll see eventually what you are really worth ;-)

David Meerman Scott

Diane - good to hear from you! Hope all is well.

Thanks Tyson. It's really good.

Ro_mac - why not? If it gets the attention of potential employers, it is a good idea.

Dan Wilcock

Gives new meaning meaning to the term selling yourself. That being said, this show he has major skills in a snappy way and doesn't take himself too seriously. All good qualities.

David Meerman Scott

Dan - that's the part I really like - he doesn't take himself too seriously!


RESUMES ARE DEAD! I keep telling my people times are changing!


Only one left in stock. Very cool.

Dragan Mestrovic

This guy is AWESOME!

Personal branding the most creative way I have ever seen or ever heard before...?



Impressed by Philippe's idea I create my version of online resume which resembles flipkart shopping site. Check it yourself @ http://wow.msreeni.com


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