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January 02, 2013


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please make this available on amazon UK store for Kindle so I can download.


Chris Reimer

Wow. Go Wiley!

David Meerman Scott

DMori - Not sure if we can do it in the UK. However, you can certainly download the PDF.

Thanks Chris!

Bill Gluth, Creative Thinker for Business

What a great gift, David. Thank you very much for your generosity.

David Meerman Scott

Thank you, Bill, for paying attention to my stuff. I do appreciate it.


Is the ipad version available for Australia?

Raúl Colón

Thanks for sharing even more of your knowledge with us in a way where it is accessible to everyone.

Today I got some tweets (as spam) of someone who wrote a book on someone I had blogged about multiple times.

Instead of finding a way to connect with me or others she just keeps on repeating to buy her books. I really see that she is not clear on how the publishing world is shifting.

Krishna De

David this is terrific news. I always include 'World Wide Rave' in my reading list for my social media workshops for a programme I deliver for PR professionals - and of course 'The New Rules of Marketing and PR'.

Thanks also to Wiley for being open to trying new ideas such as this.

Wishing you continued success in 2013.

David Meerman Scott

Michael - I'm checking with my publisher, but it seems to be USA only. The PDF version is available anywhere in the world.

Raul - Sadly that behavior is very common. People use old-school sales techniques on the web and it's just annoying. Thank you very much for your continued support.

Krishna - Excellent. Now you can give your participants a taste of my work for no charge!

Jorge Conceição

What a perfect "after" Christmas gift!I've just given a Kindle device to my son but I think I'll use it my self with your book!Thanks David!

Michel Nizon

Put your actions where your mouth is, that's a rare quality. I will inform my friends to help you spread your "e-book virus" in France.


Thank you David for the great idea, kind words, and support! We're currently working with the international accounts in the hopes of making it free on all platforms in all markets (but it's a lot of coordination, as David says, and we didn't want to delay the US announcement). Our hope is for everyone to be able to read it anywhere, for free. It is ::World Wide:: Rave after all.


I already have every one of your books (and ebooks) David, but I will be sharing this link for sure.

Thanks for creating more value on the web, David.


This is fantastic! Thanks for sharing, David!

David Meerman Scott

Thank you Jorge, Michel, and Tmonhollan - It is my pleasure to have you read the book.

Joseph - I really appreciate your long standing and continued support of my work. Your comments make what emotionally rewarding. Thank you.

Wiley - you guys rock. Thanks so much for all the efforts!

Brian Kevin Johnston

David- Thank you and prosperous 2013 to you and yours! My favorite book so far has been "News Jacking", as it solidified how powerful RT web is if you leverage it's powerful forces... Blessings, Brian-


Thank you very much, David, appreciate that.

A Facebook User

Thank you so much David, your books are a wealth of knowledge and resources!! I will pass this on to share with my community as well!!

Thanks and Happy New Year!



i read your book its really informative

Jeremy Norton

I have to get your book!Thanks!

John Colley


Thank you for this New Years Gift. Have FB and Tweeted to share the good news

best regards


David Meerman Scott

Thank you John & RMSorg for passing on to your networks - I appreciate the support.


This was one of the first books i read when i started in internet marketing. It is a well written true inspiration with a timeless message.
Thank you for making it available for free!
God Bless! :)

iPad Application Developers

Will definitely download the PDFs version on my iPad to check out the magazine. its better now days to download the PDFs version.

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