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October 24, 2012


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Dragan Mestrovic

Great article, jsut from the frontline. IM works!

Tom Borgman

Yow, I love it David, when I see B2B examples - which let's be honest, are much harder to find/aggregate - that show proof of concept. Thanks and with your tease, am looking very forward to the meat to go with these potatoes!

social media campaign tools

That's an excellent point...I had never thought about it that way. I do think inbound marketing is for a slightly more patient soul than outbound marketing platform. The one thing that can have a short-term effect is if you write something clever in a blog article that hits the front page of one of the social bookmarking sites. From time to time one of our articles hits the front page of digg and on those days we go from an average of about 1000 visitors/day to 16,000 that particular day. Although those 16,000 aren't all well qualified for the type of business we are in, there are a decent percentage that are and we get a decent short-term bump from it.

Greg Bardwell

Thank you David, look forward to reading the rest.

Stephen Miracle

Do you think it would've been smart for him to combine the 2 forms of marketing. For example, send out postcards with info to his blog? I don't really understand why it has to be an either/or proposition.

Sylvia Montgomery

Great article! Very consistent with a piece of research released just a few weeks ago by Hinge and RAIN Group. For professional services, there is a shift in the way relationships are created and nurtured. That shift is anchored by valuable content -- content that is related to issues deemed important by prospects and content which captures helpful information. Research can be found at: http://www.hingemarketing.com/library/article/how_buyers_buy_professional_services_executive_summary


That's great. Congrats on the success of switching from outbound to inbound marketing. Cold calls get old after a while, and there are so many exciting opportunities to reach potential costumers using inbound marketing methods.

Giambrone Negron

I just learned today about outbound and inbound marketing. I am into business and this knowledge would surely help me prosper my hard-earned business. Wanna study farther on this!

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