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October 25, 2012


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Deborah Anderson

Great article. I like how it was recognized that maybe the first articles were not quite the favored ones. It shows how we can improve and that is ok. We are constantly learning. Ok, now I need to continue reading and re-reading this article series. Thanks!

Shyam Ramamurthy

Shifting gears from a traditional market strategy to a more content driven strategy can be tough for any company. This post does a great job of showcasing different companies who began the content marketing journey. Different persona-focused companies attack the problem of creating content in different ways. Writing blogs, newsletters, and various other social media outlets, can be difficult to optimize when starting out. Adding content curation to your marketing strategy could greatly increase the efficiency of your marketing efforts. Curating original content along with that of industry experts can quickly establish your company as being on the cutting edge. Once engaged, your customers will constantly be looking to you for more content. For more tips and tricks on How to Feed your content need, download our eBook: http://www.curata.com/resources/ebooks/how-to-feed-the-content-beast/

Darrell Malone

The subject matter experts at Sales Benchmark Index are organized by buyer persona. I always recommend this buyer-centric approach yet very few companies organize around buyers, instead focusing on the product lines they offer rather than the personas they sell to.

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