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June 18, 2012


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mars dorian

David, I just checked out Seth's Kickstarter campaign, and he already topped the $50,000 mark - INSANE.

The guy has such a loyal fan base, and it's eagerly waiting for his new stuff to come out. Truly impressive.

David Meerman Scott

Mars, yes, it is impressive! Seth is a leader in many ways.


"Support the arts" was exactly how I promoted the Kickstarter campaign for Season Two of The Steps, a ground-breaking web noir series that only needed funding. Seth Godin's use is another great example; I'm not surprised that someone as savvy as Seth was able to see and make the most of this platform. I'm interested to see how his experiment turns out--I'm sure he'll be successful, but I'm curious about exactly how things will transpire.


I am one of Seth's kickstarter supporters. I met him at his NYC event in May. I've read his books just like you David, so I'm a Seth fan too. But the one thing I want to flag here is that Amanda and Seth are two quite different kickstarter participants. Amanda is taking advantage of the kickstarter platform's discovery and momentum building aspects. Seth on the other hand is taking advantage of kickstarter's coordination aspect as he calls it. Kickstarter for Seth was simply used as a tool to outsource the admin aspect of organizing his tribe. These are quite different uses of the platform.

While I'm a fan of his work, the more interesting story would be to dissect why and how Amanda's kickstarter gig got the traction that it did vs. the tons of other stories that never make it close to their goal. It did something that allowed strangers to buy into it. And more importantly from a marketing communications / pr perspective, that kickstarter had certain elements that make it share-worthy, spread-worthy.

Do you agree? Disagree?


David Meerman Scott

Kathy - Thanks for sharing how you used Kickstarter. It's interesting to see how other artists have made a go on this platform.

Kenny - I've written about Amanda for several years and did several posts about her kickstarter. I think she is a lot like Seth - she has a big and passionate tribe (a half million on Twitter for example) and she writes very personal blog posts to her fans. She, like Seth, motivated an existing group of people to pre-order her album and get some extras and it was a success.

Abbey Ryan


I enjoyed your post (it inspired me) and, as a painter, wanted to add that I appreciate what you said about supporting artists.



For some reason I have not read a Seth Book yet. I guess I might have to put it on my list.

Interesting how these platforms give us but mostly individuals like Seth and Amanda who have built a following to take control of more pieces of the puzzle when it comes to their efforts.

This is amazing and like Seth is clearly sending the message that he is doing more but taking control of more.

Colin Warwick

This funding model works. Another example is Wikipedia, which gives away everything up front for free without registration or anything, then asks for a donation http://donate.wikimedia.org and it's one of the top ten sites on the web.

MYOB bookkeepers Brisbane

You have made your way into business successfully. There are now art exhibits carried out to raise fund and use the proceeds for a cause. I find it very interesting to start doing art myself, though I know it would be tough for me.

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