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January 05, 2012


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Jason Keath

Hardly newsjacking. I think his recess nomination would be better marketing machines than Instagram. Pretty cool nonetheless. And the lectern photo idea is brilliant. The question is, what filter does congress deserve. Hmmm.

Lindsay Southwick

I also like the lectern photo idea. I think that'd be an effective balance to strike between good, measured exposure (occasional photos of the president at important events) and over-exposure (golfing, being on vacation, etc). Good suggestion.

Dave Brady

I have been a donor to the Obama campaign and noticed this time around the follow up is approaching spam levels. I get emails almost daily and often asking for more money. I hope they are keeping track of their unsubscribes and acting accordingly.


Good post. Interesting to me to see if Obama follows your advice and ups his engagement on Social Media as he gets the 2012 campaign going. He was definitely ahead of the competition with how he used Twitter/Facebook in 2010, but he won't catch them by surprise in today's environment. I think he'll need to humanize his personal brand with tools like Instagram and get everyone liking/believing in him again. Let his personality shine through and reach everyday people. Will be fun to watch!

Jack Martin

It's absolutely nuts how social media has played such a huge role in this presidential campaign so far. I mean, Twitter always predicts who is going to win the primary.

Now, Obama with Instagram, that is pretty cool. Following the President and the White House on Twitter has always been great.

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