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July 12, 2011


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Colin Warwick

Thanks for the shout out! I was amazed that many of the successful tweeple had relatively few followers (5 in one case https://twitter.com/#!/BrianJMcKeon/status/88678106700857344. he even omitted the #AskObama hashtag!). As of today he only has 6 followers! What's with that? :-)


Somebody had a lot of time on there hands..but Its cool though..I like it.

"Black Seo Guy "Signing Off"


Sorry, as an infographic, I'd call that one amazingly difficult to understand. In this case, having the facts written out would have made the data easier to digest.

annemarie kreybig

As a visual artist I appreciate the visual information here and think excellent brain connection to visual learners (eduspeak!)

Creative Slave

Thanks for the mention. Glad you liked our post on www.fuffylinks.com! You had less than .05% chance of getting your question answered. I hope you play the lottery :)

If you want to see something a little more fluffy check this out :)


Dan at TwitSprout

Hi David,
Thanks for featuring the infographic! We're here to answer any specific questions. There is an awesomely engaged community here. Love it!

@ColinWarwick > We had the same reaction! It's especially amazing that less than 100 of 100,000 tweets even mentioned the word 'space' and yet one of them were selected.

@TrafficColeman > Ha! The opposite actually. We're a startup working very long hours, with barely enough free time to sleep. However, we found the event fascinating and thrilled by the response we have received.

@Chris > Thanks for your feedback Chris. It may help to view the full resolution infographic at http://Obama.TwitSprout.com - content and text quality is more clear. We're very open to recommendations on how to improve this infographic. Often an infographic evolves around a theme - we must get some graphic designers on the team.

@annemarie > Excellent! That's what we were aiming for! Cheers.

Thanks for your comments everyone!
We're here if you have any questions.
Cheers! Dan at TwitSprout

David Meerman Scott

Dan -- thanks for doing the infographic!

I would suggest that you consider taking all of the graphics you have made and creating an ebook out of it. You would have the various graphics and some text around each and present it as a narrative perhaps based on a timeline of how it all went down. While I love your graphic, it does not lend itself to sharing because of the very long size. (I did not want to post directly onto Facebook or GOoglePlus for example).

Here is an ebook I wrote as an example of what you could do.
Real-Time: How Marketing & PR at Speed Drives Measurable Success

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