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July 07, 2011


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Byron Fernandez

David -

Would love to watch the video...but only showing a black screen.
This is incredible...congrats. Looking forward to continued insights

David Meerman Scott

It's working for me Byron. Maybe wait a moment for it to load or go directly to the video on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cl34Wc8ZIqc

Jonha Revesencio

I think part of being noticed aside from timing is that it takes a smart question to be answered smartly as well. I like what he said about it's nice having Apple but it would be nicer if the whole manufacturing and assembling could be done in the US too.

Byron Fernandez

Hmmm. Thanks for sending the link...still showing blank (?!) Lol SEO woes

Byron Fernandez

Sorry David, just realized not you, it's me. For some reason no vids anywhere or on YouTube showing...just a blank black screen. Clearing browsing data now

Colin Warwick

Well done, David. Being one of 18 out of 60,000 is impressive. (Slightly off topic aside @Jonha : entry level iPad manufacturing workers are paid only $130/month http://www.economist.com/n​ode/16231588 )

Kevin Geary

Interesting that he wants Apple to keep making iPods, yet his entire prerogative centers around raising taxes on companies like Apple, adding regulations, etc..

Funny that he wants Apple to manufacture iPods in the U.S., yet he continues to make labor more expensive by raising the minimum wage, adding mandatory employee benefits, etc. Why does he think iPods get made in China?

I've never seen someone who claims to want something so much do so many counterproductive things to that end. It's almost like he doesn't realize his policies have consequences, which scares me.

A Website Designer

Awesome, well done!

Pat Frantz Cercone

Ccongratulations, David.
I wish I had seen that. If I had, I would have shouted, "Hey, I've read his books. I follow him on Twitter." I think it may have increased by street cred.

Great post by the way.
Pat Frantz Cercone

Traci Hayner Vanover

This just confirms what some of us have known for quite some time -- you have a pulse on what's happening, David! Congrats for being recognized, and also for sharing those awesome tips of how to parlay that into additional publicity.

Way to go!

Joseph Ratliff

Congrats David! It was good to see your question get answered. And it seemed to stimulate a thoughtful response from the President.

Melissa Mines

How cool is that?! What a great example of Real-time Marketing. A thoughtful question and a solid answer - admittedly, with not a lot of substance as to the "how"...but, it's a sound-bite forum.

David Meerman Scott

Thanks everyone. It was (and still is) terribly exciting!

carolyn winter

You are so connected!... and deserving. Congratualations


Congratulations David. Isn't this ever changing communication technology amazing?

People used to wait for days for an opportunity to meet the President of the United States at a campaign stop or other public event. Now you can send the POTUS a tweet and have it answered and documented for posterity all online.

Now if we could get a real journalistic type experience via this type of channel; that would be truly revolutionary.

Last point. You are absolutely right this is no substitute for main stream media or face to face engagement with the public but giving more citizens access to our President is definitely a great supplement to those traditional points of access.



doug eymer

David ::

Obviously, you asked a great question–as it made its way past thousands and thousands of other questions. This is very exciting. Congratulations.

There was a 'coolness' factor to the meeting format but truthfully, I wish the president was more focussed on making new ideas work, and not so much on clever gimmicks and cutting-edge PR stunts.

It's all about content, not just clever delivery.



Looking forward to your blog post on how to be a slobbering sycophant.

Dan Tyre

very cool, although I didn't like the President's answer :-) Heard it on Hubspot TV blog post this AM

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