Second Paragraph: Anthony Weiner offered Internet job by Larry Flynt

Whenever a story breaks in the news, reporters and bloggers are looking for the second paragraph – the interesting new angle on the story.

What is the second paragraph?

You and your company can use real-time marketing & PR to inject your ideas into a breaking story. The technique of the second paragraph is an important tool for all marketers and PR people.

Larry flynt The latest example to intrigue me is what adult entertainment entrepreneur Larry Flynt did moments after U.S. Congressman Anthony Weiner resigned on Thursday due to a texting scandal.

Flynt offered Weiner a job:

"After having learned of your sudden and compelled resignation from your Congressional post, I would like to make you an offer of employment at Flynt Management Group, LLC in our internet group. As a Congressman, you are known for your intensity and perseverance. I believe that this attitude, combined with your service in the House of Representatives' Committee on Energy and Commerce, will make you a valuable asset to this corporation."

Read the full job offer published on Larry Flynt's blog:

As of this writing early Saturday morning, there are hundreds of mainstream media news stories mentioning the job offer. All the analysis of Weiner's troubles speculate on his future and then many point out the remarkable job offer. Of course, each time the offer is mentioned, the reporter talks about Larry Flynt’s businesses which include Husler Magazine and a number of online properties generating tons of free publicity.

Weiner flynt

With a little creativity and probably an hour's work, Flynt generated more ink and broadcast airtime than most PR people generate in a year of old-school pitching.

Be on the lookout for breaking news.

You too can be the second paragraph that everyone is talking about.

Photo: Larry Flynt in 2003. Credit: Mel Melcon / Los Angeles Times. Via

David Meerman Scott

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