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June 18, 2011


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I think this shows how savvy Flynt is...but career suicide for weiner to take it.

David Meerman Scott

Hi Anna -- Weiner would be silly to take it. But you gotta love Flynt for hijacking the story to his advantage.

Al Pittampalli

What a brilliant move for Flynt. Like him or not, he clearly understands how the media works.

Mike Byrne - Local SEO

David - Thanks for the great example of the second paragraph. You're right about Flynn's creativity in seizing the opportunity. Whether he has great insight, luck, or, both; it worked well for him.

I don't have the fame or notoriety of Flynn, but you've won a convert to your point. I'll focus on events and how they might be relevant to my business and then write the second paragragh.

Thanks for your insights. I'm off to read Real Time Marketing & PR.

Buy Here Pay Here Cars

I agree, great move by Flynn on paper at least- I don't know how useful this publicity will be in the long run though in terms of money.

I would not be surprised if Anthony Weiner ran as an independent (he has the support from his district, as of today). Its interesting how public support for him at least in the people I encounter has increased. Many feel he shouldn't have resigned..

Mark MyWord

David, your observations, as usual are so insightful, but manage to touch me on my open wounds!
For months already, I have had 'insider information' about this very job being offered. I sent in my resume by FAX at least four times, and it got repeatedly ignored. My calls do not get through to Flynt. I tried, friends of friends etc. I nearly got arrested one time, when I wanted to pop out fom a side-street, to talk in person with Flynt. I still have a bruise on my elbow from his bodyguards' tackle. I had another very good idea, which would work, or end up serving big time. I thought David, I am not going to cheapen myself and lower my self respect, just for a lousy job!
Comes along this Weiner guy, and steals my idea. This is really not fair, I resisted going public pictures on Twitter to get this work, and he comes along and uses my idea, to take away MY job.
Maybe you have some leverage here?

BRS Labs

In his book "Real-time marketing and PR" David Meerman Scott exhorts us to both live and respond in the here and now. There's no point sitting around scratching your head about an opportunity that comes your way. You need to respond instantaneously and have the clearance and the confidence of your boss/clients to do that.

Joe Schmoe

also helps to actually be Larry Flynt. "Joe Schmoe offers Weiner a job" probably wouldn't make ANY paragraph.

Kneale Mann

I just flashed toward the next U.S. election and saw the Trump/Flint placards. The actual story is another example of how time is wasted on irrelevant things. The lesson, however, is a critical reminder about seizing business opportunities, being nimble to act fast and to keep eyes and ears open because those chances rarely arrive with streamers and balloons.

Ron Carter

Larry Flynt obviously understands how the media works. More importantly, he is asute in taking advantage of media opportunities. Thanks David, for pointing this second paragraph out.


It's in the nature of Flynt's grubby business that means the best he can hope for is spin-off attention gimmicky publicity stunts.
He hasn't a hope of creating meaning or value of any kind.


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The National Benefit Authority

Nice post!!I believe that this attitude, combined with your service in the House of Representatives' Committee on Energy and Commerce, will make you a valuable asset to this corporation.


Well good one.. All the analysis of Weiner's troubles speculate on his future and then many point out the remarkable job offer.and Its interesting how public support for him at least in the people I encounter has increased..Thanks

Christmas Island

That's a great idea given to him. I liked the website design a lot!

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All the analysis of Weiner's troubles speculate on his future and there are hundreds of mainstream media news stories mentioning the job offer.

Alfonso Fanjul

I would like to give my views on this blog. Offer of employment at Flynt Management Group given to Anthony Weiner is vry good and Mr. Weiner Shouldn't miss it.

Pier 59 Studios

I like the way in which author describe his views in a great manner..i wish that he will continue present this type of views with us..

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