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May 23, 2011


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David Dalka

Thoughtful post. Not sure about the Egypt one - that was massive international story regardless of format.

Has other implications.


Great tip. Reporters are going to be looking for the followup, so be ahead of the game and be prepared to give them a followup.

Colin Warwick

Thanks, David, this is very timely. I made use of the Eloqua example to blog about a very similar acquistion that happened today in my industry. http://signal-integrity.tm.agilent.com/2011/national-instruments-joins-the-party/

Thanks again,

-- Colin

David Meerman Scott

Great work Colin. Let us know what the result is.

Brendan Ziolo

Great post. Editors are always looking for additional sources to tell more of the story but you've hit the nail on the head when you say you must respond instantly or in real-time.

I've been using this type of outreach recently to get coverage. I also blogged about how to do it in this recent post: http://www.dudeitsmarketing.com/2011/05/leverage-industry-news-for-real-time-pr.html.


Hi David,

Your article could not have come at a more perfect time! So we had some major news today and its about what we believe is a solution that is commonly talked about in the industry. I understand the concept of piggy-backing off of news stories but any suggestions on how to find the right ones and then respond?

David Meerman Scott

@C_Pappas - You gotta be quick. Best way is to immediately write your own blog post using appropriate words and phrases and let the market find you. Good luck.

Colin Warwick

...I received one "Thanks, nice take" from an editor at the major pub for my industry, and he added a "By the way I'm writing an article about (another widget)... Do you guys do those?" ("Why, yes...")

aluminium kozijnen

We are eagerly waiting for that results.. Because you did great work.. Thanks for this information..

Jill Richards

Love this concept! Too often organizations are in broadcast mode about their news instead of thinking of their media and ultimate customers. Thanks for making PR better!

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