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November 02, 2010


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Real time blog postings so they get indexed by Google News and in front of journalists' eyes when they need sources yesterday....brilliant!

But you're right, it takes time and alertness to get it done, well, in time, to be the first.

Simon Walsh

how can you blog about something if its not signed off?

Or is it a case of...consequences be damned!?

Love the blog - keep up the good work. Tally ho!

David Meerman Scott

Hey Simon. I recommend getting an approval on guidelines for various scenarios as anticipated for the future ahead of time. Then when something pops up, the marketing team can fire away in real time.

Shonali Burke

"Tomorrow is too late." I love that, David, and I've experienced it first-hand.

If organizations truly understood the power of real-time, I suspect they might be a tad quicker to adopt reciprocal communication mechanisms. I suspect your new book might help them do that.

Andi - SMS Marketing

It is amazing what the social media can do these days. Even more amazing that it can be done through your phone. I never imagined this could be possible 5-10 years ago.

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