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June 09, 2010


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David -- Thanks for the mention and for your counsel during those hours. Like you, I am a believer in real-time marketing - now more than ever after this event. Oracle's reaction was almost comic. They originally left the customers of Market2lead behind by acquiring only the technology. After my post they abruptly changed plans but I think maybe the customers did not appreciate this approach. We are engaged with many of them to come to Eloqua now. My advice to all your readers -- act quickly as the news cycles move fast. If you can be first, you win hearts and minds (and maybe some customers!). From London, Joe

David Meerman Scott

Thanks for jumping in Joe. I love this example. It proves what we've discussed so many times -- real-time marketing & PR is a competitive advantage.


Tom Nolan

I must say what a cracking strategic move and fast thinking by Joe Payne of Eloqua! That must be every marketers dream to have your brand mentioned straight after your competitors and in the authority!

David Meerman Scott

Tom - this was indeed a great move.Others can do the same!

The problem is most people will call in the "PR pros" and the lawyers and discuss it for a day or two and then the opportunity is lost.

Joe went for it. And he was rewarded.


Keith Jennings

Great actionable post, David. Bob Schlotman and I began our morning discussing this post and ways we can be positioned for opportunities like this in the healthcare arena.

The action item from your post is priceless: like a good surfer, be ready to catch the right wave and ride it like hell when it swells. The strategy behind your post is one you've pioneered: organizations MUST have their strategy and platforms ALREADY IN PLACE in order to have the opportunity to ride those waves. It's the new rules, right?

Thank you, as always, for your insights. (As of this writing, we're implementing Eloqua here at Jackson Healthcare.)


This was really inspiring and an awesome move by the CEO Joe! I think an important point to make is that the entire company needs this kind of freedom to write a real time blog article. Employees should be able to make PR/Marketing moves without fear of repercussions. Try first and apologize later : )

David Meerman Scott

Keith - Love the surfing reference!

Andy - Yes. Employees need to be free to act.


Great response by Eloqua's CEO and is a good example of the different playing field that private companies face versus a public company (Oracle), especially in public communications. With Reg. FD and the watchdogs at the SEC a public company (backed by a good deal of legal counsel) will always choose the safe route. With hundreds/thousands of public shareholders and a generally litigious society, it is nice to think that a company should give its employees the freedom to act in real time as Andy suggests, but reality dictates the repercussions can be disastrous without considering the outcomes to your shareholders - think Whole Foods CEO John Mackey. With this being said, public companies need to capture opportunities to communicate directly with its customers and shareholders that is a bit more innovative than a press release and absolutely a blog should be a part of the dialog. However, in reality they do need to act and react differently than private companies to fast breaking news such as this.


Thank you David - I think a key rule is that when news affects someone (in this case Market2lead customers) and there is no direct human contact to assess intentions, speed of reaction is a great way to establish credibility.

Oracle should have provided useable information very quickly after their official announcement.

It was a brilliant move and, by the way, great monitoring by Joe. Very interesting post.


David, just last week I inadvertently did something similar with a patient.

A woman came in with an MRI report that contained a bunch of big words and she was confused/alarmed. I created a blog post about all the big words and what they really meant in normal speak.

I sent her an email pointing her to the blog post, not thinking much about it. She was so impressed. I was completely shocked at the effect this had on her, as even her friend mentioned it when she came in.

Real time blogging in a small service business is way more valuable than I ever realized.

Great post.

Bill Gluth, Creative Thinker for Business

You know, David, this such an inspiring story. It shows us all, in businesses both big and small, to keep our eyes open, be alert and aware of what's going on in our niche and even the world. Then use that awareness to gain amazing results.

Brilliant in its simplicity. Excellent information and something we can all act on as the moments unfold.

Thank you for sharing it, David.

Jim Barbagallo

David, it was a treat to hear you tell the Eloqua case history in person at the recent Boston PRSA event. Real-time marketing's time has come and marketing and communications professionals have all of the necessary technology tools to make it happen.

Bob London

Fantastic example of corporate jiu jitsu...using your opponent's size/strength against him (or in this case, it).

Mike Urbonas

"The Oracle announcement contained only a North Korea style one-paragraph announcement."

David, this comment was good for a LOL: I recall a graduate business communications class at Bentley in which our professor read in deadpan style official press releases from the "DPRK" - the self-parodying "real" name of North Korea - as examples of THE worst possible press releases. They were a laugh a minute.

Kudos to Eloqua - what a PR coup.

David Meerman Scott

Thanks Mike. Maybe I should add that schtick to my live presentations.

Angela Moore

This is by far one of your best posts! It's been in my head since you first posted and last week I had the opportunity to suggest this brilliant action for a client. He bought in, not as swiftly as I had liked, and went for it. Thanks!


Very interesting. And it sounds like a good idea.

But what's involved in getting your "news blurb" at the top of the first page of Google.

Not to mention you have to know the keywords people are searching and if you can even get it to the top of the first page.

Plus, does this work for smaller sectors and industries; can it even work for small niche businesses?

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great post david.


Nice writing. You are on my RSS reader now so I can read more from you down the road.


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Real-time blogging keeps your followers regularly updated. Good posting!

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I offer Tennessee web hosting solutions but I like the way Mr. Joe Payne acted when he received the alert on his phone. He jumped on the opportunity to take advantage of a good moment. I would have as well.

Richard Aimant

On time posting can take you ahead of the crowd. What a nice example.

Paul Chernish

Great article with outstanding points. With 30 years experience in the HR industry, I remain excited by the many new and innovative ways to orchestrate the job / career hunt in line with emerging technologies.

eve isk

I'm constantly amazed at what a real-time blog post can do.

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