Multiple online personality disorder

Multiple_personalityDamn, what the heck do you do when you're on Twitter and LinkedIn and Facebook and write a blog and post YouTube videos and more and want people to know about all of your online personalities?

I am frequently asked about how to consolidate online initiatives (all your social media feeds for example) into a neat package that makes it easy for buyers and other stakeholders to find everything.

The most important thing is to have a "home base" where you can point people to everything you’re doing. I recommend several approaches to do this, but seems that the best solution is determined by how large your organization is.

For individuals

Your home base would be your site or blog. Many bloggers use icons linking to each social networking service you’re on such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

If you don't have a blog or site

I suggest setting up a Google Profile as your home base. That way people can link to all your profiles from one place.

For organizations

An online media room is a great place to point people. The Cisco Newsroom is a good example of a place that consolidates a bunch of information about an entire company, nonprofit, school, or government agency.

But what if you need to point people to just part of your organization?

What if you want to create links for just one division, or a particular country you do business in, or a specific buyer persona? You can’t really use a media room which is usually company-wide.

Microsoft Bright Side of Government digital dashboard

Microsoft has a neat solution called the Microsoft Bright Side of Government digital dashboard, a place where Microsoft Public Sector communicators deliver a consolidated set of information (blog posts, YouTube videos, Twitter, case studies and so on) to people who work in government agencies.

With the dashboard, salespeople send just one URL. But buyers can still dive deeper into the content on each of those platforms (say YouTube).

With each of these approaches, you'll want to include the link to your choice of home base in all your communications. Use the URL in your email signature, on your business cards, and in your printed material. Of course have links back from each profile to the home base so people can see what else you are up to.

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Disclosure: I recently ran a seminar for a group of communicators at Microsoft.

David Meerman Scott

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