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March 10, 2009


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Neil Sequeira - ReadyContacts

Pretty nifty...I've never come across this before.

Andy Church

Very cool. Prior to this new feature, I simply leveraged the word go in front of my email address, and blogspot entry. goandychurch.blogspot.com and goandychurch @ gmail.com where quite effective in terms of personal branding and being easily googled.

Jason Pinto

Thank you very much for posting this.

It is a very exciting time to be participating in all that social media has to offer - you continue to provide very practical suggestions to help people get the most of out of it.


Joe Mescher

Just emailed this article to my Dad, a budding social media user.

He's looking for a way to communicate without getting bogged down by info overload.

Excellent solution. I've been using Google Sites, Knol, Tip Jar, and pretty much every new Google property to leverage my name on the Interweb.

I think people are beginning to understand that 'pride in ownership' is overrated.

What I mean is, it doesn't matter if you own the website or not (like in the case of Google). If it's a great, respected online source then jump aboard and share your story.

Michael Lunsford

Very insightful. This is something I've not heard elsewhere and probably would not have thought of on my own. I need to get on this.

CHary Izquierdo

What's your opinion of twitter profiles for the same purpose?

Erin Brenner

After you create a Google profile, you can then create a vanity Tiny URL for it. Easy to remember for you and your audience! (I didn't come up with this; you can thank @ScottHepburn for that one.)


Excellent information. When I travel and use google maps, I particularly like to find the maps made by other google profile users and top contributors. Like, statesman.com in Austin has good barbecue placemarks.

CathyLarkin (@CathyWebSavvyPR)

Good tip as others have said. In answer to the person above, about using a Twitter profile; that idea has pros and cons, to me.

If you are commenting on a post that is about Twitter, then yes, a link to your Twitter profile might be a perfect fit. But, if it is not Twitter-related, then a twitter profile could confuse folks who are not familiar with how it works. Unless they sign up for Twitter, and are signed in - they can look at your profile, but can't click on your link etc.

I have my Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook profiles linked from the home page of my blog, so that helps folks find me once there.

Although, on my blog, I have thought about saying - If you are on Twitter and leave a comment, put your blog or website in the comment link box, but feel free to leave your Twitter ID at the bottom of your comment so we can connect there too. In the past this might have been looked at as comment spam, but I like the easy way to connect with folk who take the time to comment.

I cheat a bit, and make my comment username my full name and Twitter name in parenthesis - Let me know if you think that's tacky?

David Meerman Scott

I think a Twitter profile is okay, certainly better than nothing, but the big fat "So and so is using Twitter" banner may be off putting for those who do not know Twitter. And you have to look closely to find the profile on top right (which is limited in character count).

Joe Beaulaurier

www.PeoplePond.com, our new service, is available for this reason and also to guide people to all your online content (social media and beyond). In the very near future, you will also be able to verify your identity to others (and protect it from others too).

PeoplePond is currently in a controlled beta. Follow @PeoplePond on twitter for multi-use invite codes.

Jerry Smith

Thanks for this post - not something I was aware of. It would be nice if you could upload a profile picture from the computer rather than needing to use Flickr etc. but that's a minor point.

Will be very useful to add to other sites like Goodreads etc.

Rachel Bryant

Great stuff David. Thank you for sharing. I've been contemplating starting a blog for awhile but not sure a) how much I'd have to say and b) how well I'd be able to keep up with it. So this works great...just started one.


This makes sense. Google is such a central place to find everything these days and putting some time into having a profile there (even for bloggers) is a good idea. Thanks.

Ari Herzog

FYI, Chris Brogan had a little blog post about Google profiles a few months back... http://www.chrisbrogan.com/get-your-google-profile-tidied-up/

David Meerman Scott

Joe, I signed up for People Pond and am excited to see what it can do.

Steve Keifer

Excellent tip. I have had plenty of challenges getting OpenID to work so this is a nice alternative. But actually, what I found more intriguing is to hypothesize about Google's entry into the personal profile space. Is this a first move to compete against LinkedIn and Facebook? They could certainly optimize their search engine to more prominently display Google profiles in search engine results, which would provide a competitive advantage.

seamus walsh

David, another great tip! I have been linking to my main site, starting now, I wills tart linking to my blog!

Greg Group

This is a great tip for those without a blog. The social revolution is all about participation.




At first I was skeptical...another profile on the internet? Can having your face and name (individual or business) plastered on every social media site really be a good thing or could you be spreading yourself too thin? I wondered if I should concentrate on making my facebook or twitter or blog the priority and avoid adding more and more profiles, or is it good to be present in each new medium?

Then I read Chris Brogan's post on the subject of google profiles, and he pointed out that google maps will link to your profile when you write a review. This makes me think that I should take advantage of this automatic connection and put a better profile up on google. I love their services anyways, so it can't hurt!

Thank you for the advice, I am also currently enjoying reading your book on "New Rules of PR & Marketing".

Eric Flamm

It can be a bit pricey, but qalias (www.qalias.com) seems to provide a very professional profile, along with highlighted links on Google searches for your name (the "Google Me" idea).

Jared Young

David, a while back I was looking for new places to set up public profiles to generate more traffic to my website and one of the first I set up was my Google profile. Now that profile is one of the top referrers to my website.

I remember not too long ago when many people still didn't have email addresses. It seems as though now we're getting close to the point where everyone has a public profile online somewhere.

Joe Kraus

Hey David, great post. Thanks. I'm the product management director overseeing profiles at google. can you drop me a line because I'd love more feedback (just use the contact me' feature of my profile


Kathleen Delaney

thought this was an interesting read today, http://mashable.com/2009/03/16/facebook-privacy-setting-everyone/

Facebook opens their profiles to the world. Gotta love how Google influences the world these days...

Liz Pendleton (lingoliz)

great post thanks David - am now subscribed. I find it easy to use my Google profile wherever I go, and only point people to my blog for, well, if I know they will be interested in my waffle! - I actually found your post while searching to see if Google do a userfriendly url instead of the http://www.google.com/s2/profiles/104604198107960093733 (current profile link) and rather than using tinyurl. I think it would make them slightly more appealing....but, as you say, they're pretty great already!

Patrick O'Brien

It's funny how things like Google Profiles sneak up on you. I consider myself pretty knowledgeable about such things, but only recently set up my own profile page:


I agree with the other comments that this isn't exactly a sexy URL. But the profile feature itself is pretty nice and easy to use on other sites that support it.

Thanks for expanding my thinking about the use of Google Profiles. :-)

Tony Faustino

David: Your insights and commentary are the reasons why I consistently read WebInkNow and your books / eBooks. Minutes ago, I finished creating my Google Profile and linked it up to my LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Amazon Book Review profiles.

I have been looking for a creative solution to a "virtual business card" until I establish my own blog. Once again, you provide another valuable insight to help "everyday Joes" like myself who are working hard to establish a bona-fide social media presence.

My sincere thanks David!!

All the best,
Tony Faustino

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Calgary Painters

This is a great idea. When I blog, I have the problem of having multiple websites dependng on what I am blogging about. What I was thinking of doing was a master page but didn't want to buy a domain for it. Excellent idea, going to create on now!

Calgary Painters

@Liz Pendleton. You can buy a domain name for under $10 a year and use a service like http://www.redirection.net/ (I have used them in the past. Of Domainredirection.com (which I hav'nt used. But for under $20 a year is a more personal way to have a name to your Google profile.


This is a great alternative to opening a blog,I'll have to admit blogging sometimes is a little intimidating when you first start out. opening a google account and using the URL is the baby step befoe blogging.

Michael Strasburger

This page, as well as your whole site is incredibly helpful. I am a 20 year old Public Relations student and I am currently reading "The New Rules" and I am so intrigued at the wealth of knowledge you hve to offer on this new media. Thanks so much and keep it up

David Meerman Scott

@michael - thanks. Glad that it is helpful.


We’re at the dawn of new era in media production, participation, and literacy. The Web is going social, and the Social Web is going open.

Eric Raskopf

Great article. I am learning how to market in this manner and this is very helpful

public speaking

Thanks for this post david, its how the google influence the world in public.


Thats some good tips David! Thanks

Logo Design

Thanks this post is really very informative, Thanks David.

public works energy

I would appreciate the way you are talking. Public works is a concept in economics and politics. The term public infrastructure refers only to the infrastructural capital involved in these activities.

James the Marketing Consultant

you are right about the blogging as leaving a virtual "calling card". The fact that there are millions of people drawn to social media, its a great way to do business. It a start. Just create a profile and slowly build a community.it takes time and effort, yes. But its rewarding.


Super idea. So glad you tweeted this. I set up a Google profile earlier this year when I was just beginning to navigate social media channels but will now be revisiting it. I now see how it can provide a more complete at-a-glance view of the individual than the window offered by the individual channels.

Maria Kirk

Thanks for the tip. I just created a Google Profile but cannot figure out how to link my Facebook page as well as Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs, etc. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

conferencing software

Great Post David. I love all the social bookmarks and tools out there. I dont have much time for a lot of it but think an online profile is very important. Love your work by the way, I have commented on other posts of yours. Keep it up :-)


Peggy Nehmen

Thanks for the valuable info. I read your book "New rules of PR & Marketing" and decided to peruse your site while I was waiting for a client to call. Serendipity!


Good tip! I guess you learn something new every day,(at least I do.)


The best one is to get a blogger blog. You can put your pictures and your details anyway you like. You can even post updates about yourself.

Tenant Screening

I will always remember what you wrote and acvice about this part "For example, when you leave a comment on someone else's blog post, you can link to your profile on the Web. All the blogging tools have a place where you can leave a virtual calling card – your own web URL where people who read your comment (especially the blogger him or herself) can find out who you are and perhaps contact you. Keep it up

goal setting plan

Great alternative to a blog... Kind of like having a business card on the web that people can reference when you want them to find you.


Hi David. This is really cool advice you have given for a person like me, who happened to be do not maintain any blog account. I would surely sign up for google profile. More power to you.


Its official, Google has taken over my life :-)

Mordechai (Morty) Schiller

Hi David,
I (finally) got around to setting up my Google+ profile. But how can I get rid of that ugly number string and put in a "vanity" URL that's easy to remember?

David Meerman Scott

Good for you Morty. I forget how to do that but it is indeed possible.

Mordechai (Morty) Schiller

Thanks. Meanwhile I resorted to a SnipURL address:

Selo Bania Bansko

Great job here. Awesome work

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David i agree with you, Thank you

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Thanks, Do you have twitter? i want to follow you.

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I admire what you have done here. I like the part where you say you are doing this to give back but I would assume by all the reviews that this is working for you as well.

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Hi David. What if you still don't have google account? What should one do? Just curious.

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Hello David. It's more convenient to have a Google profile. You can do a lot of things with it.


A google profile? Thanks for stating the obvious, yet thanks to your article, a lot of us simply forgot that we could create a profile one google. Thanks a lot for the reminder. Also, nice profile example you got there! Keep on doing what you do blog wise, we appreciate it.

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Hi David! Thanks for sharing this, It is a good help for other people like me. Keep up with your good work, thanks!

Aurana Books

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HI David. It is really a must when you're into the internet to have a Google profile. It would be difficult without one.

Interactive Presentation

I will eagerly look forward to your incoming updates.
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Techie now

You definitely need to make one. Email now a day are becoming more and more a necessity rather than some new fashion trend and what not...


I have used G+ for a while, but as well as that, I have also blogged over 5 years. But if you want to make yourself more "famous", then surely sign up for the google.

live security

I totally agree with you. Everyone should have an e-mail as well as decent media profile.

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Hi. Thanks, Do you have twitter? i want to follow you...


Whats your overall opinion about e-mail addresses? I mean is it OK to have name@myfirstname-mylastname.com or should I use info@myfirstname-mylastname.com


canned peppers

Cool blog you got here. I'd like to read a bit more concerning this topic. Thanks for giving this info.


Yes Google is fine but I think a Twitter profile is better, certainly better than nothing, but the big fat "So and so is using Twitter" banner may be off putting for those who do not know Twitter. And you have to look closely to find the profile on top right. Google + will be okay very soon but still need some time.

electronic voting systems

I love the Information... Great Blog Post...

Telli Netist

Great stuff! Thank you for sharing.

Machine Tools

Very insightful. This is something I've not heard elsewhere and probably would not have thought of on my own. I need to get on this.

Steven M.

It should also be noted that it is quite easy to obtain a free blog, that is easy to set up. Just type in 'free blog' on the the big G and many options will pop up for you.


Linking to your Google+ profile is a great idea. But there are still good reasons to have a blog. If you have a Wordpress blog (hosted on your own server) you can create an "Author" page on your blog, and link to that page in your Google+ profile. Then using a bit of code in the header tags of your blog, link BACK to your Google+ profile. (There are also WP plugins that make this extremely easy to do). Not only does it promote your "author page" but it establishes you as an authority on your topic, and your photo may appear next to your blog listing in the SERPS

Machinery Blog

Sure, it's a great idea having a blog and linking your Google + profile to it. Google + still not that popular but I can see that day by days Google make it more and more powerful for users. I believe that soon Google + will bring so much power if using it.

Übersetzung Deutsch Englisch

I think everyone can see what google tries to do. The same crap as facebook does: getting all userinformations und sell those.

So I'm not sure if I will link my blog to my google+ profile. (I dont give much information about my personal life anyway, but I dont want google to see the connection)

All the best


Juristische Übersetzungen

Hey David,

is there a chance to follow you on twitter?

Or do i just miss the button? (Damn smartphones aren't so smart sometimes -.-)

Olaf S.


Free blogs are really easy to set up - especially on google's blogger. You can create a simple blog there and put an about page with your google profile on it. Also linking that to your google+ profile (as Jim said a few comments above)is a good idea. Blogger now has an automatic way to connect your google+ with your blog.

Jeremy E

Have you tried sites.google.com? If you just want to set up a few pages instead of running a regular blog it seems like a good solution.

City Hall Wedding

Just tried your technique, and it's working perfectly. Thanks for sharing.

Albert Neo

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