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July 07, 2009


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Jonathan Kranz

Boy, does this make sense. Why just post press releases when you can create the stories YOURSELF? Why hope for reporter/editor attention when you can leverage social media to generate attention YOURSELF?

And I might be wrong, but I do believe there are vast numbers of under-employed journalists who just might be available to help you...

Ryan Barton

Great points! It's refreshing to see a company put out a newsroom that isn't focused on themselves.

Consumers don't want to read about what YOU think is important. They want to learn and become more educated. And if YOUR site is the venue for that, you've positioned yourself all that much better.

Ted Lallo

It is so nice of you to write an "objective" piece about your friend (http://www.webinknow.com/2009/03/the-one-question-to-ask-your-prospective-social-media-agency.html). That is a really nice way to help him with his new venture. Not so transparent, but oh well.

I was hoping that you could ask Mr. Henderson exactly what his definition of "dusty" is. He puts "most corporate online newsrooms" on blast by saying they are dusty, but when I look at the ISC Newsroom, it has not been updated in more than 8 days. That is way more "dusty" than most of the corporate online newsrooms I've seen which are rich with updated content.

Perhaps some more vetting needs to be done before you take on the task of artificially pumping up your friends project? This really hurts your credibility.

But hey, what are friends for?

David Meerman Scott

@Ted, thanks for the comment.

I have been writing about online media rooms for years, way before anybody else saw the potential of an online media room as a place for buyers.
http://www.webinknow.com/online_media_room/ There is a chapter about media rooms in my book The NEw Rules of Marketing & PR. And I have also been frequently writing about the use of journalists by corporations. This post combines many of my favorite ideas.

Yes, I am a fan of David Henderson's work and I said so in my post. We have spoken on the phone only once but have never met in person. We do not have any business relationship.

I write about marketing that I like. Sometimes people send me things and I write about them. If you look through my many case examples you will see that. http://www.webinknow.com/case_studies/ Happy to write about something that you've done that's interesting if you want to send it along and I like it.

I did not write this post to "artificially pump my friends project." Sorry that you feel that way, but it is not true.

I'll point this comment out to David and see what he has to say about the "dusty" part of your comment.

Best, David

David Henderson

Dear "Ted,"

We know that Ted is not really your name. You have used several names of both men and women to post inane comments to express your objection to this new approach to online newsrooms. In this case, you are using a derivation of Ed Lallo, one of my colleagues.

The world is changing, "Ted." There are new ideas, new approaches, new concepts in this digital revolution whether you like them or not.

David Henderson (my real name)

Rhoda Israelov

Dear David,

I composed a blog post inspired by your post about Imperial Sugar. I will go live with it on Sept. 21st. Wanted to make sure I quoted your post in a way that meets your approval.


David Meerman Scott

Rhonda - As long as you quoted me accurately and linked to the post, that's great. Thanks - I appreciate it.

Emil Bestorini

Imperial Sugar is to be taken over in a buyout scheduled for February 1, 2011. The company will retain it's name as a subsidiary of the acquiring entity, and the price per share in the transaction is IPSU at $18.70.

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