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December 11, 2006


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Chris Moritz

Do you have any examples you could link to?

David Meerman Scott

Hey Chris, thanks for reading.

Two big company press rooms.

1) Take a look at the Intel press room (click browse by category)

2) I also like the way IBM has feeds of news releases by category from the press room

Dee Rambeau

if you roll to www.mediaroom.com you can see two dozen great examples of our client MediaRooms.
Thanks for the post David.

Kelly Monaghan

I have no idea if you monitor comments on such ancient posts, but just in case . . .

Do you have any examples of media rooms from SMALL, perhaps mom and pop, companies that you could share?

BTW, I am DEVOURING your book and feel that there's a crying need for a series of Special Reports, tied to each section, that would expand on the topic, offering nitty-grotty how-to and resources.

Dan Poynter, who wrote the "Self-Publishing Manual" is brilliant at this type of brand extension marketing.

David Meerman Scott

Hi Kelly,

I do monitor all comments. Many smaler technology companies have decent media rooms. For example, Pragmatech (about 50 people in the company) is here http://www.pragmatech.com/NewsAndEvents/

But it is rare with other small companies. However, it is a great way to market so I hope companies begin doing it.

Thanks for reading.


David Meerman Scott


The Fuel Team provides an outsourced online media room service and their client list has many smaller comapnies and nonprofits http://www.thefuelteam.com/index.php?s=33


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