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June 18, 2009


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Paul Peixoto @paulpeixoto

Thanks for the info, David. This comes in a timely fashion for me as I launch my new blog (rebelcalling.com) along with an ebook (Blend: Work, Life, and the Evolution of You) at the end of the month. Looking to start a WWR!


Amazing article, and thank you for the link.

One of the things I feel is that Syndication can go both directions. One can syndicate their content out, while many API's allow the content of the social networks, blogs, rss feeds, and more to be added to a website. Thus creating a full circle.

Larry Schwartz

David - Thank you for your post and contributions to Newstex's ebook - Truth About Blog Syndication. The inspiration for this eBook was your book "World Wide Rave". Today, our first day of launching the ebook, we've already had over 500 downloads and received applications for over 50 new blogs. For us that is a major Rave!!

Thanks again for your support and advice,

Krishna De

David - thanks for sharing this. I have found there is significant value in syndicating my content - I consider it as meeting people where they choose to be.

I have just had an approach from an online marketing 'luminary' (a guru in his field like yourself) to collaborate on a project.

We are not connected on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. I know of him but I did not think he know of me - we are in different continents.

No he had not found me through key words and SEO. He came across me through my content being syndicated else where and being listed on a top list for my expertise.

It's an opportunity I know I would not have accessed otherwise.

There are some bloggers I know who have found themselves listed on certain sites such as the syndicated content on AllTop and asked to be withdrawn from the list as they felt it was not attracting people to their site. Information about syndication in this ebook I am sure will be really beneficial to bloggers and content publishers alike.

David Meerman Scott

Thanks, all, for your comments.

I think of this a little like the way a rock band thinks of airplay. Do you want to be on the radio? Or just force people to play your music on CD only.


Engago Team

Blog syndication is not favored by Google as it gets identified as duplicate content.
If one of the syndication website has a higher PR than yours, it can happen your original content is decreased in importance and will be hard to find by search.
Think twice before you syndicate if you are not a top blogger.

Susan Gunelius

Engago Team,

Definitely check out the ebook, which describes licensed syndicated content (that's what Newstex offers), which ensures the blogger retains original publishing rights to their posts, so Google rankings are not affected.

Also, licensed syndicated content is distributed through companies like LexisNexis via closed systems such as Corporate research libraries, law firms, Wall Street traders, academic libraries, etc., so it's not distributed via the open Web -- again, not affecting Google rank for the blogger.


Are those +'share' or +'Add This' buttons effective? How is it different from pings?

Calgary Real Estate

Excellent article I just need to put it into practice for myself.

Web Development Guru

Excellent Article, thanks Dave. Syndication is an essential element of web design nowadays.


new to syndication but what an idea !!!!

Tatyana Gann

Thank you David for information on blog syndication. I belong to a community where members syndicate content and I loved the idea of Newstex on Demand Blog community..

Have a great week!


sebastian harley

Good ebook - just started to look at the nuts and bolts of Twitter and this is useful info - cheers

Cliff Stevenson

I also launched my blog site http://www.calgaryrealestateblog.ca/ and syndicated it to several blogging websites.
This ebook answered all my questions about syndication.
Thank you David.

Ryan Barcelo

Twitter really is a powerful tool for syndication even it limits you to only 140 characters at a time.
Surely will offer you greater chance of reaching your audience.


Good ebook - just started to look at the nuts and bolts of Twitter and this is useful info - cheers

professional website

Syndication is an essential element of web. I also loved the idea of Newstex on Demand Blog community. The Information present in your site is very informative and, it gives a wide knowledge about the topic. I was very much impressed with your site. It will guide me more.


Thanks for the link to newstex, I have just applied for my blog (blog.superbootcamps.co.uk I had to get that in somewhere) to be a part of the publisher network.

I would also like to know the answer to the question asked above
"Are those +'share' or +'Add This' buttons effective? How is it different from pings?"

Also, if one was to spend time doing the whole social networking thing, or syndication, which would be more likely to get a blog promoted?

richmond website design

Blog content syndication works in a similar fashion as article marketing. The idea is to contribute to other blogs, and in exchange for the content, you will get 2 or 3 inbound links. These links can be anywhere within the content, with your target keywords.

Sitikantha Pattnaik

your blog on truth about blog and twitter syndication is awesome. Your idea of presenting this blog is amazing. Thanks for sharing this blog.

Jaquone Jefferson

You should write a blog post on that and put in the website after the title phrase at twitteringsoftwareandmarketing and make sure you click the public button. Its good for seo, traffic, and branding.

Ardham Elena

I'm actually very aware of blog and twitter syndication and have been trying to practice it.. but dyu have any tips on how to implement this properly? I've been trying to do this but it seems I'm not getting much results.

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