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March 20, 2009


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John R. Sedivy

Very interesting. This is significant progress given that the military has historically been a closed system - and for good reason as you stated in your article. The Air Force is a great place to start as they are generally at the forefront of emerging technologies when compared to other services, although their quick adoption of social media is surprising given the transparent nature of such tools. It will interesting to see how things progress in this area and if adoption of these tools will spread to other services as well.

Capt. David Faggard

David, we wanted to thank you for speaking to Air Force communicators and for leading the way in social media. Your presentation was a great addition to our conference. Thanks

We posted additional details at: http://airforcelive.dodlive.mil/

Trend Tracker

It's terrific to see how progressive the Air Force is being with social media. It's a wonderful way to engage the talent that makes up our Armed Forces and to better provide them and their families with the support they need and deserve.

Well done.


Account Deleted


Thanks so much for your coverage of USAF's activities in this area. I read your previous post and as a result talked to Capt. Faggard also in researching a client project on employee policies for social media participation. I find their efforts inspired and inspiring. Also, THANK YOU for volunteering your time and talent to helping them and I hope you'll keep us apprised of their progress.

I added a link to your posts at the Altimeter wiki on their social media policy pages (which, by the way also has a link to the Navy's employee policy)

Dana Theus

Louis Provenzano

Very interesting article. Glad to see such great progress made by the military on this front. What progress that you can share are being done with language barriers? www.louisprovenzano.com

Chris Sukach

Thanks so much for your insight! We really enjoyed your presentation at the conference!

Donna St. Jean Conti

"I want our guys going out there and talking about how their day went, either bad or good... And when people talk about what they are involved in on places like Facebook, it is more effective than a slick over-produced video."

David, this echoes what you said throughout The New Rules of Marketing & PR. Share "customer" stories. Great article. Thank you.

Laurie Dunlop

The U.S. Army and other military services are also using social media. I interviewed LTC Kevin Arata to see whether the growing popularity of social media conflicted with operational security (OPSEC). He said education is key. You can read the interview at http://www.netstrategies.com/blog/web-content/2009/06/when-it-comes-to-social-media-the-u-s-army-says-have-at-it-just-remember-opsec-101.

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