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January 05, 2009


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Found this through Liz Ditz, by the way. Well done.

Julie Roads

Wow...my wife actually worked for a government contractor for awhile so I know that they have these intricate plans and charts and methods...this is intense. Much to be learned...mostly I'm impressed by the incredible time they've poured into their blogging mechanism. I love it. Off to tweet this one...


Impressive to see they've invested the time into this. Excellent information to bring to the rest of us.


What I like about this one is that it is so simple and the suggestions are down-to-earth. It also encourages people to act.

Tooth Whitening Blackpool

US air force story shared nicely with interesting idea and theme.

David Hoffman Jr

Great post. Thanks for the story. Glad to see the government on top of this. Very well thought out.

Sharon J.

I am both surprised and glad to hear that the Air Force is allowing "counter blogging" in response to all the people in the world who sit and home and think they are an expert in everything.

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