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July 21, 2007


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Moksh Juneja

Is the book available in India too??

Grant Griffiths

Congrats David. Well deserved as it is a GREAT book!!!!!!

Sandra Mendoza-Daly

Congrats David. It's the only book I know of that really captures what new media is about and how to properly use it to ones advantage. Even an early adopter will find it useful.

I hope it will be printed in Spanish and Italian.

Krishna De

Congratulations David. You must be thrilled. And what is so exciting is that you have been using the strategies you talk about in the book to support your success as I heard on the webinar this week with HRMarketer.com.

I know this great success has not come without great focus to executre your marketing plan.

You're a great example to us all or the art of the possible.

David Meerman Scott

Mokash, I'm not sure about India...

Grant, Sandra, and Krishna -- Wow. You are too kind. Thank you for taking the time to comment. I appreciate it.

All the best, David

T Demop, Blogging for Business

What, no Greek version? (I'm not volunteering to translate)

Seriously though, congrats!! You and the book deserve it!

Angela Moore

I want to thank you for writing this book. It has opened my eyes and made me a better marketer! I am not even done yet but I am already using it in my work. As an aside, Habitat for Humanity is a client of mine and I was knee deep in the Shatner kidney stone promotion. Loved seeing that referenced in the book!!! Keep up the great work, you're making us all look great.

Gary Halliwell

I love this book! David observes how traditional PR has been swamped by a tsunami of bloggers and throws a lifeline by showing examples of powerful new opportunities this opens up for creating a more genuine dialog directly with the customer. Great stuff!

Don Kojich

I really enjoyed the book. I bought enough copies for my entire office. I work in higher education and it can make a real difference in our profession. This can really help organizations that have limited resources.

Rich Richardson

Hey David,
I just wanted to pass along props for your latest work, The New Rules of Marketing & PR. I am new to this type of marketing comm, but I am convinced this is where the future of marketing/pr lies. Honestly, I have studied several books on this subject as of late, and this is the most informative, insightful, and 'understandable' piece I have read thus far. Do you have any other books in the works? Thanks again,
Rich Richardson

John Atkinson

David, Heard about the book from Brian Carrol's podcast...just bought it - I'm half way through it and it is great!

Besides PRWeb, do you have other recommendations for lower or no cost news release distribution services? Most of the "free" ones I've seen don't seem credible/worthwhile.


David Meerman Scott


Thanks for reading.

The words "no cost" and "recommended" don't really go together. The idea here is to spread your ideas far and wide. You need to use a news release distribution service that will accomplish this for you. "Big Five" are PRWeb, PR Newswire, BusinessWire, Market Wire, and Prime Newswire.


Allen Mireles

I found your e-book and consumed it and read your new book almost in one sitting. I have been busy emailing the e-book and talking up the new book to both colleagues and clients. One of my clients was so interested after reading the e-book that he went online and purchased the new one and two others you have written.

I am a marketing PR consultant and this is really exciting stuff. And now I read your blog too.

Thank you.

Allen Mireles

David Meerman Scott

Hey Allen, Thanks for spreading the word! Yes, this is indeed an exciting time to be in markering & PR!

Best, David

Paul Rabalais


Thanks for putting this book together. I'm a Louisiana estate planning attorney. Since I first read your book, I started my blog and notice that it gets several page views each day. Thanks for the info!

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