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August 07, 2006


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John Blossom

Congratulations, David, I think that it will be great to see someone who's really on the leading edge of thinking about publishing to develop a book from the "blog up."

shel israel

Congrats, David. You have a great topic, a great publisher in Wiley, and doing it on a blog has enormous benefits. First, the blogosphere will help you write a better book and second, the same bloggers who help you write it will then help you sell lots of copies as your word of mouth champions.

Robert J. Ricci

Yes, congratulations David! I'm looking forward to following along!

Joe Wikert

Hi David. Congrats on the new project. I'm looking forward to seeing the book evolve on your blog.


I'm excited to watch it all unfold, David.

I like the way John says it, above; developing the book from the "blog up."

Your updates on the process as well as your nuggets of wisdom will be anxiously anticipated on my end.

Mike Sigers

Looking forward to all the info you'll be sharing as you go.

Thanks for including us.



You've done it again...trendsetting, that is. It makes perfect sense: Since blogging is so user-focused, why not have the users participate in the writing/publishing process?

I can't wait to add my two cents!

Stephanie H.

Hi David - just came across your site and your idea to blog your book. Unique visitors to our three-year-old blogging community has grown by more than 300% - have you ever considered linking to www.ittoolbox.com? It seems like there's some synergy.

edward bernardi





david Meerman Scott


Novels are more difficult to market. But I think fiction or non-fiction, writing a blog and commenting on other people's blogs helps. Also, you might try reviewing similar books to yours on Amazon and signing the reviews with your name and the title of your book.

Good luck,

Javier Mesa

The book is helping me to understand this new (parallel) world and I hope it will help to improve my artist friend’s income.

Jane Dripin

Hello, I just came away from the Borders Book store in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and read your book, well parts of it that is relevant and most important to me. This book comes at the right time for me as I come to understand the evolution of PR in this 21st century. I've been wondering and thinking that PR has to be more than the PR I know from the just past century and having read your book, I've found the answer.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge in your book. It is very useful to me.

Essay Writing

Blogging is the great idea to work on to express what ever you have to say that is inb your heart and on it you can disscuss about any thing you feel to express!

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