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May 10, 2007


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» No, David Meerman Scott, Thank *You* from Golden Practices
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Richard Becker

Congratulations David!

Duane Brown

Congrads David. I'm enjoying the book and need to get some more time in with it this weekend.

Michael A. Stelzner


Congrats on finishing that book!

Brilliant PR move with this post by the way!!


Glenn Nicholas

Can't wait to read the book David. Your approach to writing it has been fascinating. And the launch - well, Google will have to plug in a few extra servers just to cope with the viral juggernaut you have unleashed. We almost need a new word to describe this kind of launch!

Steve Kayser

Congrats Dave - good luck. I'll link to your book in Expert Access.

The link above to me is for James Robertson's Smalltalk Blog.

He's a good blogger. I'm not. But... I do have a writing page now, skbigm.googlepages.com

Once again,



Grant Griffiths

Congrats on finishing the book. I can't wait to read it.

MN Web Design

Congrats! I actually just read about this on Todd And's blog (www.toddand.com). Very cool!

Linas Simonis

Congratulations! I hope it will be bestseller and will start new age of new thinking about PR in 2.0 age.

Congratulations once more!

Jeff Phelps

Best of luck. I'm sure this is going to be an absolute hit. Thanks for the inclusion.


Gavin Heaton

Hope it is a raging success!

Barbara Rozgonyi

What a way to launch! Can't wait to read your book and start following the New Rules. Thanks so much for the mention -
Barbara Rozgonyi
Wired PR Works

Dan Schawbel


Ann Handley

Wow...that's a lot of thanks!

Congrats, David. Well done. Looking forward to seeing the book.


Hi David, Thank you for the honour of including me in your new book. I'm not sure where to leave my address, it is:

20 Top Street
United Kingdom

Good luck - best of British, as they say over here.

John Richardson

David, You are the master of PR. What a brilliant way to get the word out about your new book! Thank you for the mention!


Denise aka The Blog Squad

What a wonderful surprise and generous offer. Thanks so much for including a mention of The Blog Squad in your book. We'll be in touch with an invitation to be on our radio show, Blogging and Beyond.

Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound

David, your public thank-you to a list of bloggers a mile long, and the free book offer, is absolutely brilliant. And I've never seen this done before.

I hope your books fly off the shelves.

brad shorr

Congratulations on the book.--I can't wait to read it. I'll bet it's fantastic. Thanks for mentioning me, and your generous offer. Great PR move!

Graeme Thickins

David, from one surfer to another...way to go, dude!

I hope you didn't write any of this in Hawaii -- you were supposed to be in the water :-)


Nettie Hartsock

Great congrats on the book and thanks for sending it on early, I'm looking forward to reading it. Hope to see you at BEA this year!


Matthias Hoffmann

Herzlichen Glückwunsch! I can't wait to read your book.



David: congrats on the new book. Thank you for your participation, support and mentorship. Let me know how I can support your book sales efforts.

Warm regards,

-- jim

Zane Safrit

Thanks for the shout on your blog and in your book! Mailing address is:

Conference Calls Unlimited
1734 Jasmine Ave.
Building 18, Suite 155
Fairfield, IA 52556

Brian Carroll


Congratulations on another big accomplishment! I got your book in the mail and I can't wait to read it!

Mac McIntosh


If your new book is half as good as your first book, Cashing in With Content, it will be another must read!

Warm regards,
Mac McIntosh
The Business-to-business Sales Lead Expert(tm)


Congrats! I can't wait to read your book!

Owen Lystrup

A pleasure to be part of the list, David. Congratulations on all your hard work. I can't wait to pick up a copy!

Jacob Sikais

Overall I must say your book is a great practical guide to online marketing and PR... from a background... to an explanation... and then a guide to get started... it has really hit the sweet spot... starting a blog has been my first step to implementing the online techniques you write about and I'll be sure to implement other techniques step by step... peace!

Jared Young

David, I just finished reading "The New Rules of Marketing and PR" and just want to say "Well Done!"

As a small business marketing consultant, I've read hundreds of marketing and business books. Yours is in the top few that I reference and suggest regularly.

I posted a review of the book on my marketing blog at http://www.originalquill.com/blog/a-must-have-marketing-book/2008/11/

Thanks for writing a book that actually provides substance for small business owners and marketers everywhere.

Jared Young
The Original Quill


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Jeff Paul Scam

I just read the book and i must say that the book is about how to use news releases, blogs, podcasting, viral marketing and online media to reach buyers.


Thanks for the shout on your blog. Looking forward to seeing the book.

Marie Wise

I am just now reading your book and enjoying every minute! I'm going to recommend it to one of my artist friends who is attempting to teach her artist friends the value of blogging. Thanks again!

David Meerman Scott

Thank you Marie.


Hey David, You are realy the master of PR. Best regards MJ


Grat Book! Best regards mj


Nice Site, Great Book!


Online Marketing Blog

fantastic book and a great list of contributors.


Cöp Konteyner

I always follow your site thank you wish you continued success. Thank you.


I just read the book and i must say that the book is about how to use news releases, blogs, podcasting, viral marketing and online media to reach buyers.

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Thank you for the information. issues very successful


What a Great book!
Thanks for your work!


Hey David,cngratulations on another big accomplishment, ican't wait to read your Book! Best regards Maike


thank you very much for your information.
You are the master of PR!

çöp konteyner

Nice Site, Great Book..


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