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February 06, 2007


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Yesterday I told you about a webinar featuring David Meerman Scott and his ebook "The New Rules of PR." I mentioned that I would be giving you all a review of the webinar and of course give commentary based on my experiences with Internet Marketing ... [Read More]


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Chris Heuer

David - it is a truly great and insightful book you have put together. I am sorry that I was unable to finish reading it before you had to publish it and that I was not able to provide you a dust jacket endorsement in time. It ends up being my loss more than yours for not having my name out there, but either way, I wanted to publicly apologize to you for this.

As you may have seen, this touches upon somethng that is being discussed on the New Media Release Google Group over the past 24 hours (I am working on a separate blog post as well). It is the reason why I invest more time talking with people about the social media philosophy/strategy than diving into tactics right away. Unless communiatons professionals figure out how to be humans representing a company, rather than just company representatives, we have a tough road ahead. I think your book will be an important catalyst in transforming the industry and I am glad to have you alongside us for the journey ahead...

David Meerman Scott

Thanks Chris.

The work that you and the Social Media Club is doing is valuable and important. I am honored to be a co-founder. I look forward to working together to share the knowledge.

Cheers, David


Hi David,

I'm having to write a blog about this topic for one of my classes. I hope you don't mind if I reference you and some of your points in my blog. Feel free to visit my blog and see the full story.

David Meerman Scott


Please do! And point a link back to this post!


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Unless communiatons professionals figure out how to be humans representing a company, rather than just company representatives, we have a tough road ahead

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