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Posted by David Meerman Scott 02:05 PM on February 23, 2007

One of the best things about building a marketing plan using the new rules of marketing and PR and using thought leadership strategies is that you create Web content that your buyers want to read. Instead of advertising to people, you create content that is welcome and appreciated by your buyers and helps them solve problems.

As many smart marketers know, a well crafted white paper, e-book, or Webinar contributes to an organization's positive reputation by setting it apart in the marketplace of ideas. This form of thought leadership based Web content brands a company, a consultant, or a nonprofit as an expert and as a trusted resource.

This form of content is also terrific search engine marketing fodder. As I work with technology companies and entrepreneurs on thought leadership strategies, inevitably, the question of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) comes up. People want to know how to make the content they create work as hard as possible.

I'm an expert in thought leadership strategy, but not in SEM. I can recommend the following to resources to entrepreneurs and marketers who want to learn much more about SEM:


Turning Clicks Into Leads Through Search Engine Optimization: A How-to Guide for One-Person, Small, and Mid-sized Businesses by Dianna Huff -- If you've wanted to know more about SEO but find it all too technical, then this guide is for you. Written for one-person, small, and mid-sized businesses, Turning Clicks Into Leads Through Search Engine Optimization is an easy-to-read, easy-to-use guide for optimizing your site and compelling site visitors to take action. Dianna's guide is a quick and easy read and immediately gets to the essence of what you need to know.


Web Marketing for Dummies by Jan Zimmerman lays down what you need to know in the engaging style of this popular series. I've read some dozen Dummies books (Writing Copy for Dummies, Dogs for Dummies, France for Dummies, QuickBooks for Dummies…) and they always teach me something and make me giggle. Jan gives you the scoop on search engine rankings, pay per click, and driving traffic and much more.

Read them both and get really smart!

David Meerman Scott

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