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February 18, 2007


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Florence Segal

Dear David:

I enjoyed reading your article on "How To Pitch The Media" I am just about ready to install a Blog on my website. Have been writing my own Press Releases for over 6 years and I can really relate to your article.
Thanks for your helpful advice.


Dear David,

I loved the article, which emailed to me by a dear friend.

Good information is always a help especially when you a building a brand.

Thank you,

Darin Dixon

What you said about following up with potential contacts is spot on and in my opinion, every bit as important as actually prospecting. I beleive one of the most important questions to ask is: What do you do with leads once you generate them? This question is overlooked by almost everyone. It is often the cause of failure in what would otherwise be effective email and web marketing campaigns. The common-sense answer is easier said than done: Have your best employees respond to them quickly and consistently to qualify them into prospects.

Many companies spend thousands of dollars every month with Google, Yahoo, and MSN to generate clicks to their website. These same companies invest tens of thousands in building a web site to attract visitors. They even use analytical tools like Omniture, WebSideStory, or WebTrends to track these visitors and turn them into leads, only to let those leads sit in some sales manager’s inbox for 48 hours before they are contacted.

One elegant solution is to embed a web-form onto a website that captures the lead and pushes it real time into a database. It then quickly routes the lead to the best suited sales rep, a telephony tool immediately gets the rep on the phone and automatically calls and connects the lead to the rep.

Our research shows that the average salesperson only makes four to five attempts to contact them the first week. This means only 55% of a company’s web leads will actually get contacted.

It goes back to Lead Response Management: Acquire a system that immediately and systematically pushes the leads to the best qualified salespeople. A system that also allows the salespeople to immediately and frequently respond to leads and turn them into prospects. Again, this simple but overlooked approach can boost net results by 20 to 200%.


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