Top Marketing Blogs in America

It's award and list season! At the turn of the year people and organizations publish "best of" lists and in my opinion, this is terrific as a PR and viral marketing tool. I admit that I do check these things out a lot. As thought leadership (if the lists are well presented) they do help brand a person or an organization as smart and worthy of doing business with.

I'm also a sucker for ranking of marketing and PR blogs. So how cool that Todd Andrlik over at the Todd And blog has compiled his Power 150, a ranking of the top marketing blogs in America.


Todd deserves a great deal of applause for this list because of his methodology. Todd recognized that each of the ways that individual services such as Google and Technorati rank blogs has limitations, so he created an algorithm to include data for each marketing blog and PR blog from several sources: Google PageRank, Bloglines Subscribers, and Technorati ranking. But he went one step further and added his own subjective evaluation based on frequent, relevant, creative and high-quality content plus the use of audio, video and graphics. Well done, Todd.

Think of Todd's approach as like a combination of data-driven popularity data (such as Nielsen TV data) with quality measures (like Emmy awards). If used in the TV world, Todd’s methodology would allow a metrics driven comparison of shows that consistently win awards (The West Wing) with those that consistently attract a large audience (American Idol).

And yes, Web Ink Now, the marketing blog you are reading now, made the list at a respectable number 71.

David Meerman Scott

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