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July 30, 2006


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Mike Sigers

Wow ! giving a customer the exact info he's looking for - what a novel concept !

Seriously, David, can you place a value on this versus a billboard on the side of the road ?

5 X better ? 100 X Better ?

David Meerman Scott

Hi Mike,

There's no doubt that for niche markets and products (that's most everthing out there) online marketing with specific targeting works great. The question of how much better it works than generic ads depends on the product and market. Certainly many Xs.

Billboards do work for certain things. A motel on a secluded road somewhere will probably have a positive ROI on a billboard.

THe problem is that so many marketers only think in terms of generic ads for the masses and end up throwing away buckets of money on TV ads, direct mail and other stuff.

Cheers, David

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