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July 24, 2006


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Owen Lystrup

Very good post, David.

Lots of good points in here.

I had a question. It's the same question I usually always have on blogs.

Since the nature of PR is changing due to social media and the growth of the Internet, how is this affecting entry-level people?

Are they needing different skills other than the typical news release and article clipping?

Are agencies, if you know, looking more closely at how well versed entry-level applicants are in the social media world?

I guess the real question is, are all these advancements changing the business from the very beginning?

David Meerman Scott


I think that entry level PR people need to know how content drives action and they need to think like journalists and publishers. I don't think that many PR firms necessarily hire for those skills, though.

Over time, PR firms will morph from writing press releases and pitching media to agencies that partner with clients to help create the best content regardless of media -- that conetnt might be blogs, e-books, whatever.

Not your father's PR anymore.


Mike Sigers

This is a helluva great post !

There's about 97 nuggets of gold in there but my favorite is -

" In advertising, it's not about the masses. It's about niches. "

That's what I've been trying to figure out how to convey to a few people and now you've done all the dirty work for me.

Matt Rhys-Davies

Having worked in affiliate marketing - I've seen first-hand the true value of the long-tail. Incredibly lucrative if chased properly.


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