How To Create Word Of Mouth For Your Company, Product, Or Idea

Posted by David Meerman Scott 04:24 PM on September 18, 2018

For more than a decade I’ve been obsessed about how and why just a few companies, products, or ideas take off and people talk about them while most just don’t generate any interest. The idea of “Word of Mouth” is fascinating! But how can we harness this phenomenon?

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From Rejected to a Blog to a NYT Bestselling Author to Walking the Red Carpet at the Oscars

Last night, Julianne Moore won the best actress Oscar for her role as a university professor whose descent into dementia due to early-onset Alzheimer’s Disease was portrayed in the film Still Alice.

The amazing backstory behind the award is that all the big publishing houses had rejected Lisa Genova, the author of the novel Still Alice from which the movie was based.

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Building a fan base one download at a time

Today, the EDM artist Pretty Lights dropped his newest album A Color Map of the Sun.

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Hire Philippe Dubost because he has he coolest online CV ever created

My friend Mark Copeman points us to the CV (resume) of Philippe Dubost. He created it in the style of an Amazon page! This is awesome personal branding.

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My book World Wide Rave is now FREE on Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iPad, and as PDF

Posted by David Meerman Scott 11:34 AM on January 02, 2013

As a kickoff to an awesome 2013, I’ve made my book World Wide Rave: Creating Triggers that Get Millions of People to Spread Your Ideas and Share Your Stories, free on all major ebook platforms as well as a PDF version.

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Awesome Air New Zealand All Blacks rugby safety video

UPDATE March 26, 2013: In what I believe is a really stupid move, at some point Air New Zealand made the video I talk about in this post private. Too bad. It had more than a million YouTube views and was serving as excellent marketing for the company.

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Clip this coupon for $1 million dollar off Ft Myers FL home

Here's a clever marketing & PR approach that I really like.

In an economy when there is a glut of luxury homes on the market, what can a homeowner do to make his property stand out? Why, get people talking about it of course!

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Riding the Rave #3: In Search of the Fifth P

Posted by David Meerman Scott 07:58 AM on April 06, 2009

Here is the third installment of my three part video series Riding the Rave.

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Is the Best Job in the World the best marketing in the world?

I'm often asked: "How do I market a commodity." My answer is predictable to those of you who read this blog: Create a world wide rave and people will share your ideas and tell your stories. Yes, even if you market a commodity.

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NASDAQ Market opening Tweet-up with GlobeNewswire

UPDATE April 1, 2009

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