Building a fan base one download at a time

Today, the EDM artist Pretty Lights dropped his newest album A Color Map of the Sun.

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Full video of my Inbound 2012 keynote featuring Cyndi Lauper

Several months ago I kicked off HubSpot's Inbound 2012 conference in Boston with a keynote titled "Inbound Now" detailing how to get found as people search for products and services on the Web and mobile devices like Androids and iPads. The video of the talk is now available.

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Entrenched music business hates free content (again) & blasts Amanda Palmer

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Who do you compare yourself to?

As you create products and services as well as the strategies to generate attention for your business, who or what do you compare yourself to?

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Amanda Palmer freaks out to celebrate hitting $1 million on Kickstarter

Yesterday evening, I met up with Amanda Palmer (together with my friend Steve Garfield) on Lexington Battle Green.

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We are the media: Amanda Palmer and the future of your business

UPDATE - May 29, 2012. This afternoon, Amanda's Kickstarter crossed the $1 million threshold, the first music project on Kickstarter to do so.

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Summer music series: How brands engage with live music fans

I've enjoyed creating this week of blog posts centering around live music, a passion of mine.

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Geeks meet rockers as Cisco helps the Doobie Brothers launch new album

This month marks the 35th anniversary of The Doobie Brothers' platinum album Takin' It To the Streets. The songs from this album seemed to be always on the radio when I was in High School.

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Not all music artists are big fat lip-synching social media babies

A few weeks ago I spoke at the San Francisco MusicTech Summit, an event that brings together smart people at the intersection of music and technology.

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Rock stars get out the vote by making personal phone calls to fans

An interesting aspect of real time marketing & PR is how organizations work towards an event happening at a fixed, known time. Here in America, for example, we’re in the thick of the midterm elections happening on Tuesday November 2.

I like the approach of HeadCount, a nonpartisan organization that works with musicians to promote participation in democracy. A particular focus of HeadCount is getting young people interested in the process, registered to vote, and to the polls on election day.

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