Showcase Your Experts to Generate Media Attention and Grow Business

Some of your most important assets for securing interest in the media as well as educating your buyers are the experts who work at your organization. As a part of a virtual newsroom or other appropriate place on your site and blog, highlighting your employees is a great way to generate attention.

When reporters are looking to quote someone in a story, having a name, photo, bio, and examples of content makes it much more likely they will want to conduct an interview. This is especially true when you are newsjacking.

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Etch a Sketch newsjacking opportunity falls in Ohio Arts lap

Here in the U.S., if you’re plugged into real-time news, you can't avoid hearing about the Etch a Sketch brouhaha.

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Effective PR via custom mobile applications to reach media and analysts

I've just released my own free David Meerman Scott iPhone and iPad applications. Check it out and let me now what you think. (Note that it takes a few moments to load the first time.)

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News2u helps Kenko become number one online healthcare products store in Japan

News releases are a great way for organizations of all kinds to generate consumer interest, get information into the search engines, and reach people through alerts. I've been talking about direct-to-consumer news releases since my free ebook The New Rules of PR was published in 2006.

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Imperial Sugar Company Newsroom: Brand journalism creates an authoritative voice

When an explosion at the Imperial Sugar Company (ISC) sugar refinery at Port Wentworth, near Savannah, GA, occurred in February 2008, fires burned for nearly two weeks.

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All kinds of people visit your online media room, not just journalists

Posted by David Meerman Scott 12:38 PM on September 05, 2008

Your buyers are snooping around your organization by visiting the media pages on your Web site. Your current customers, partners, investors, suppliers, and employees all visit those pages. Why is that? I'm convinced that when people want to know what’s current about an organization, they go to an online media room.

People expect that the main parts of a typical site will contain hype-driven, gobbledygook-laden, product-centric sales pitches. However, if they REALLY want to get the lowdown on your company, they'll visit your online media room.

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Forrester Research misleads CMOs by confusing advertising with marketing in new research report

UPDATE November 5, 2007

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Sun Microsystems shakes up traditional disclosure by announcing its financial results via the Web and RSS first, then via press release

Yesterday evening after the close of Wall Street trading, Sun Microsystems (NASDAQ: SUNW) reported results for its fourth quarter and full fiscal year, which ended June 30, 2007.

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How to Pitch the Media

As marketers know, having your company, product, or executive appear in an appropriate publication is great marketing. That's why billions of dollars are spent on PR each year (though much of it is wasted I'm afraid). When your organization appears in a story, not only do you reach the publication’s audience directly, you also can point your prospects to the piece later, using reprints or Web links. Media coverage means legitimacy.

As I've said on this blog, broadcast email spamming of the media doesn't work. But sometimes you really want to target a specific publication (your hometown paper perhaps). So what should you?

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The New Rules for Reaching the Media (Hint: Broadcast media pitches are spam)

As the Web has made communicating with reporters and editors extremely easy, breaking through using the online methods everyone else uses has become increasingly difficult.

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