Summer music series: How music fans support nonprofits and causes

Music fans are incredibly passionate about the bands that they love. Smart marketers tap into that passion as a way to engage audiences.

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Offering unique experiences generate attention for nonprofits

Posted by David Meerman Scott 12:51 PM on August 09, 2010

I recently joined digital media advisory board of HeadCount, a nonprofit that registers voters at concerts and makes civic participation part of the live music experience.

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ZeroTrash shows how to create a social media grassroots movement

I had an opportunity to connect with Chip McDermott, founder of ZeroTrash who I originally met at the Inbound Marketing Summit in San Francisco. I haver become fascinated with the online grassroots movement Chip started that's gathering momentum and is now instrumental in ridding the streets and beaches of Laguna Beach, CA of trash.

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The New Rules of Marketing and PR final book jacket!

Things are now happening very quickly with the production of my latest book The New Rules of Marketing and PR: How to use news releases, blogs, podcasts, viral marketing and online media to reach your buyers directly. The cover is finalized and I think it is great!

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Web marketing and The New York Public Library

Posted by David Meerman Scott 09:16 AM on October 27, 2006

Yesterday I gave a presentation to senior staff and marketing people who work at The New York Public Library (NYPL). My presentation was called "Marketing in a Micro-Segmented Online World."

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Does your company sell great products? Well, get over it. Marketing is not about your products

Does your company sell great products? Or if you don't work in a traditional company, does your organization (church, nonprofit, consulting company, school) offer great services? Well, get over it! Marketing is not only about your products! The most important thing to remember when you market on the Web is to put your products and services to the side for just a little while and focus your complete attention on the buyers of your products (or those who will donate, subscribe, join, or apply). Devoting attention to buyers and away from products is difficult for many people, but it always pays off in the form of bringing you closer to achieving your goals.

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Terrific new ebook - Colin Delany's Online Politics 101: The Tools and Tactics of Online Advocacy

As the 2006 political season moves into the home stretch, my friend Colin Delany editor in chief at has released a terrific new free e-book Online Politics 101: The Tools and Tactics of Online Advocacy to help campaigns useful ideas on how to spread the word on the Web. Colin totally gets the online political world and helped me to understand it enough to include some case studies in my upcoming book The New Rules of Marketing and PR. Colin's ebook shows how to use the Internet to promote candidates, shape public opinion, motivate supporters and raise money. Read the press release here.

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Press release distribution business consolidation should benefit marketers

As I continue to say to anyone who will listen (or read) press releases are one of the best ways companies can reach buyers directly.

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Draft Mark Warner shows what one country boy with a view of a cow pasture can do with blogs

Another inspiring case study that will appear in my upcoming book The New Rules of Marketing and PR.

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Flipping the Funnel

Posted by David Meerman Scott 11:40 AM on January 30, 2006

Flipping the Funnel, is a great new ebook from Seth Godin which was just published today. The ideas Seth presents about using Web content are spot on. And I am flattered that my blog and my Squidoo lens: Web Content that Sells are mentioned in Flipping the Funnel (on page 15) as an example of how bloggers use a Squidoo lens to promote their blogs and ebooks and vice versa. How cool is that?

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