Top Marketing Blogs in America

It's award and list season! At the turn of the year people and organizations publish "best of" lists and in my opinion, this is terrific as a PR and viral marketing tool. I admit that I do check these things out a lot. As thought leadership (if the lists are well presented) they do help brand a person or an organization as smart and worthy of doing business with.

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Web Ink Now a finalist for Best Media Blog in the 2007 SIIA Codie Awards

How cool. My Web Ink Now blog is a finalist in the SIIA Codie Awards for 2007 in the category of Best Media Blog.

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Marketing blog challenge

Posted by David Meerman Scott 04:20 AM on January 07, 2007

Early this morning, Sasha over at a new blog called Werebu (where business meets the web) set himself a very interesting Search Engine Optimization challenge. He has chosen a phrase to optimize on marketing blog and he’s chosen a blog to compare against -- mine!

I want to thank Sasha for the great analysis he did on my blog and the search engine optimization aspects of it. This is useful information for me.

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