This Year in Marketing Blogs: GrokDotCom's list of Definitive Posts of 2007

Posted by David Meerman Scott 12:05 AM on December 13, 2007

GrokDotCom has created a list of the definitive marketing posts of 2007.

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Authors and musicians - link your blog to your Amazon product pages!

I am constantly amazed by the ability of to push into new ground. I've always said that Amazon is successful because they run the company as a content site that happens to sell stuff. Everything on the site is focused on creating important content that surrounds each product – things like editorial reviews, customer reviews, similar books, search inside and whatnot. There's even the cool statistically improbably phrase feature.

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Steve Chazin, former Apple Marketing executive, releases MarketingApple blog and ebook: Secrets of the World's Best Marketing Machine

Posted by David Meerman Scott 01:29 PM on September 06, 2007

My friend Steve Chazin just launched a really cool new blog called MarketingApple. He also a released an ebook today called Marketing Apple: 5 Secrets of the World’s Best Marketing Machine. Steve's blog and ebook are definitely worth a look for two important reasons.

Steve understand how Apple markets products and he does it from the position of an insider. His five secrets, which are both interesting and relevant for marketing professionals, are packaged to make it easy to learn how Apple operates.

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Here's why I don't have my own podcast!

Readers of this blog know that I am a huge fan of using online thought leadership and viral marketing strategies as marketing tools. Online media such as blogs, content rich websites, ebooks, podcasts, YouTube video, and social networking sites all have a power to tell a story and to brand any organization as real and authentic and one worth of doing business with. Organizations that use this form of marketing do not interrupt people with "messages." Instead they deliver information that people want to consume.

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My 250th post

I've been writing this blog since late 2004 and this is my 250th post.

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GrokDotCom and the future of Web content

I've been reading the GrokDotCom site regularly for a while now and find the way that the smart Web site conversion experts at Future Now Inc., the producers of GrokDotCom, put this site together. GrokDotCom represents the future of a content rich marketing site and provides a model for marketers in other industries to aspire to. In fact, this site is better organized than most "content company" sites such as magazines and newspapers.

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Brand Journalism (or Branded Communications)

Heidi Cohen has written a terrific overview of what she's calling Branded Communications in her column on ClickZ. It is well worth a read. I've used a similar term Brand Journalism because my panelists Ben Edwards, Director, New Media Communications at IBM and Colleen DeCourcy, chief experience officer at JWT from the Advertising and PR for Everyone session I moderated at the recent SIIA Information Industry Summit used that term.

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Grading the Super Bowl 2007 TV commercial Web site tie ins = Taco Bell A+ but others mixed

Yes, like many others, I enjoy the Super Bowl TV adfest each year. Many others write about the ads such as Jim Nail from Cymfony so I prefer to take a look at the Web site tie ins – you know those little URLs at the bottom of the screen as the TV ad ends. I'm only interested in the unique ones created just for the Super Bowl. Almost nobody looks at these things (except me). I think they are very telling of brands.

My fascination with this little known part of the adfest started in 2005 when I viewed the McDonald’s Lincoln Fry Super Bowl ad Web tie in and learned it was a bogus blog. This kind of fake ad is just too oily for me. McDonald’s got an F that year.

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And you may ask yourself: "How did I get here?"

Recently, a bunch of people have asked me how and why I ventured out on my own. Several of these people have a habit of sneaking song lyrics into email subject lines to see if I notice, so as I was thinking of a title for this post, I followed the lead of Bradley and Len. Recognize it? (Read to the bottom if you don't).

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The New Rules of Marketing and PR book cover

Big News. The cover for my newest book The New Rules of Marketing and PR is finalized and I really like it!

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