The secret to awesomely successful B2B marketing

Posted by David Meerman Scott 09:32 AM on July 26, 2012

The secret is to communicate to people.

Many marketers make the mistake of treating business-to-business marketing as somehow different. For some reason, marketers turn off their brains when they are trying to reach, say, Chief Information Officers in a way they never would when they are trying to reach, say, surfers. They vague up the language with mission-critical, cutting-edge, best-of-breed gobbledygook. They get all serious, forgetting to create something engaging and interesting. They prattle on about their products instead of educating and entertaining.

Many people ask me about B2B marketing as if it is different from "regular" marketing.

No, B2B is not different.

In all marketing, your job is to understand your existing and potential customers and create compelling experiences for them!

David Meerman Scott

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